Quality claims its role as an “ETT for new opportunities”.

Quality, the Grup Montaner brand specializing in temporary work, is launching its new brand positioning in its 2021-2023 strategic plan. The company, which is celebrating its 27th anniversary this year, defines its brand and its “raison d’être” with a commitment to transparency and dignity of its “ETT” character, without reservation by clearly incorporating it into its demands. In addition, this slogan emphasizes “new opportunities”, delivering an upbeat message of creation and novelty. It focuses on new challenges, new options that open up through working on temporary projects.

The new positioning, moreover, is also aligned with the mission of the “Grup Montaner”, which is committed to “providing opportunities for success to people and businesses” and to its objective of “dignifying all services” offered by the group. In addition to temporary work, whose flagship logo is Quality, the first Human Resources group also offers consulting and change management services, selection of integration and search for new employees through its Montaner & Asociados brand; and finally, subcontracting of the services of the TQ Servicios business line.

The new positioning is part of the 2021-2023 strategic plan of Grup Montaner where the company wishes to consolidate its leadership in people and management services for large SMEs that take care of people, improve their profitability and be a partner in full part of their customers (empathetic analysis, quality service and anticipation of needs, added value).

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