Quality promotes a solidarity campaign among its offices in Catalonia

Quality, the Grup Montaner brand specializing in temporary work, is promoting a new solidarity campaign open to employees, customers and suppliers in which food donations are promoted.

In 2019, the Reus Quality Office launched the first solidarity campaign with a local association in Tarragona, “We Help yourself”, which helps underprivileged families by donating food. To this initiative this year, out of the 9 Quality offices in Catalonia, have been added those in Barcelona and Girona, which support local organizations in each area, and in which the employees of the central services of Grup Montaner also participate. .

Quality solidarity campaign for food collection in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona and Girona

“This year, we want to be the ‘ETT of new opportunities’ after this harsh pandemic”, explains Joan Montaner, CEO of Grup Montaner. “To do this, even if at the work level we work daily to offer more and more job opportunities, the crisis generated by Covid-19 makes us consider taking a further step. “

The crisis that the pandemic has generated has affected many families, increasing the risk of poverty and vulnerability. There are more and more people who need the support of social organizations to help them meet basic needs. In addition, in addition to the scarcity of resources, school canteens are closed in summer and many boys and girls belonging to these families stop eating the most important meal of the day, guaranteed.

Quality wished to promote the donation of aid between its offices to different organizations. In 2019, the year before the Covid, the first Christmas toy collection campaign was launched, organized by the Quality office of Reus (Tarragona) in collaboration with the “Help yourself” association. In addition, in 2020, the first food drive campaign was organized with the same association. Last year, she was able to help more than 100 families in the region, which made it possible to extend this type of assistance to the provinces of Barcelona and Girona. . “We want to offer a new opportunity to the people who need it most,” adds Joan Montaner.

To do this, the company has joined forces with charitable associations with strong local roots, such as the Avismn-Catalua Private Foundation, in Barcelona, ​​and the BancdelsAliments de les Comarques de Girona.

Around 6,000 food products collected in Tarragona with the Benfica “We Help” association

Vanessa lvarez, manager of the Quality Reus office, has once again led the food drive in the Tarragona region with the Benfica association ‘We help each other’. Throughout the month of June, they collected office necessities and purchased non-perishable items thanks to donations made by them / employees and customers who joined the campaign.

“This year we managed to collect over 5,700 food items and we couldn’t be happier. We are very grateful for the involvement of so many people, workers, suppliers and customers who donated food and helped us promote the action through word of mouth ”.

Food drive in Barcelona in collaboration with Avismn-Catalunya

The Avismn-Catalunya Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports older people, promotes their well-being, improves their quality of life and helps them fight loneliness and the risk of social exclusion.

The Quality Badal office (Barcelona) is joining this initiative by organizing a food drive that will last throughout July. Later, the association itself will take care of distributing the food in the form of a monthly batch to people who live alone and, due to their economic situation or mobility, need this service.

To donate, you can call the office by dialing 936 119 192.

Food drive in Girona next to Bancd’Aliments

On the other hand, the Quality office of Girona wishes to strengthen the donation of food for the families who need it most. For this reason, they join an entity with great recognition in the region such as BancdelsAlimentsde les Comarques de Girona.

To participate, you can contact the office by calling 972 678 648.

Indications of the most necessary products

Due to the fuel poverty situation in many households, NGOs are invited to donate already cooked foods such as legumes or broths and creams. Likewise, you can also donate baby food, purees, canned meat, and canned fish, among others.

Grup Montaner Central Services employees join the campaign

As part of the commitment to the campaign, employees of the Barcelona central services structure of the group’s business units (Montaner & A, Quality and TQ Servicios) took part in a solidarity march. For the groups that left El Maresme, Girona, Ibiza and Malaga, around twenty employees joined forces to travel more than 100 km together and transform their efforts into a monetary donation that the General Management contributes to the countryside. A total of 102 km were covered, representing a total donation of € 1,350. In addition, central service employees join active initiatives by donating food items to the central office itself, which will distribute the profits between the Barcelona and Girona offices.

“This year we want to be the temp agency for new opportunities, and that’s why it’s so important that we also look from within for ways to help people who find themselves in more difficult situations. “, explains Joan Montaner. “In fact, the goal is that by the end of the year more offices can join this solidarity campaign and that together we can help as many people as possible.”

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