Queen of Guns becomes Israeli girl twice raped, now appealing to women – Orin Julie, Israeli gun queen, urges all women to carry gun that raped twice in life

Orin Julie, a 26-year-old Israeli girl who was raped twice as a child, is known as the Queen of Arms across the country. She is now educating women about weapons all over the world. She shares many of her photos with guns on social media, which she hopes will boost gun culture among women as well. They believe that carrying weapons will empower women and prevent violence against them in the country.

Aware that women keep arms

Orin Julie is known as the queen of guns in Israel. Orin hopes that one day the local government will heed this decision and that more and more women in the country will be legally allowed to carry guns for their safety. In Israel, all citizens must do their military service for a certain period of time. Orin Julie runs an online gun accessories store in Israel.

Israeli gun queen raped twice

He said his obsession with owning guns made him forget about his bad experiences after the rape. He said he was first raped at a young age. Thanks to which he helped them to come out of their bad experiences. He said I had been raped twice in my life. For the first time, when I was 8, I was sexually assaulted by a middle-aged man. It impressed me so much that I lost all self-confidence and was afraid of everything.

Shared experiences after rape

She said this incident scared me inside so much that I actually turned into a quiet little girl. Then I had few friends. I was always suspicious of old people, I didn’t trust them. He was raped for the second time at the age of 15. Then this incident was executed by his eldest only 3 years. He said that after these two incidents, I did my best to forget about him.

No constraint in the police, incident also hidden from the family

He said that I had started to be generous and that I was living in my house. I had to think several times even to go to school. It affected every step of my life. Julie said she had neither communicated the incident nor informed her friends about her family. Many years later, when he had the courage, he shared this whole incident with his family.

Confidence gained by joining Israeli forces

She said that at the age of 18, she joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and served in the search and rescue unit as a combat soldier for three years. Here he learned to use a gun. Apart from that, he learned a lot of self defense tips to protect himself. She said that as a child I was very weak, not full of self-confidence and as I moved away from the realities of the world, I didn’t know I could do anything on my own. I needed a strong person to help keep me safe, but when I joined the force, these qualities developed in me on my own.

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