Queen Sofia receives second dose of coronavirus vaccine

Posted: Friday April 9, 2021 7:40 PM

Queen Sofia received her second dose of the coronavirus vaccine this morning. The emeritus, who visited the El Prado-Fuencarral district health center, reiterated the action she had taken three weeks ago and has already received the full immunization schedule.

The 82-year-old Queen Emeritus belongs to the age group received by Pfizer or Moderna, not AstraZeneca.

He is the second member of the royal household to be vaccinated. King Emeritus Juan Carlos de Borbón has received the full vaccination schedule in the United Arab Emirates, a country he had to leave after corruption scandals hit him last summer.

Controversy with the infantas

The controversy concerning the infantas Elena and Cristina was also very popular, who took advantage of their visit to the Arab country to be vaccinated. This sparked criticism from both social and political parties, which saw members of the Royal Household receive preferential treatment over the rest of the affected Spaniards.

The institution maintains that Kings Felipe and Letizia, as well as Infantas Leonor and Sofía, will receive their vaccination schedule when they are due, according to the age group established by the Ministry of Health.

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