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For decades the question has been on the minds of astronomers if the universe is the same everywhere? The distance between our Milky Way and its nearest galaxy, Andromeda, reflected the expanse of our universe. They have come to know where the galaxies are spreading. In such a situation, the question arose, is there a diagram of the state of the galaxies or are they located somewhere?

Start to understand the model
Previously, it was believed that they could be found anywhere. Astronomers have observed several large galaxy clusters containing thousands of galaxies. There were also a few small groups. They didn’t see that there was a pattern. The 1970s began to understand the models with the help of the Galaxy Survey. In addition to clusters, galaxies have also been found in clusters such as thin wires. It showed that some parts of the universe are different from others.

Further investigation required
Mathematician Benoi Mandelbrut raised the possibility that the universe would have a pattern that would be similar from a distance. It is also possible that different types of galaxy clusters are part of a larger pattern. With the help of more advanced investigation, it can be understood and the pattern of the whole universe can be discovered. Scientists believe that the uniformity of the universe is much greater than previously understood.

Complex systems can be
Discovering this pattern can take time. At the end of the century, concrete information can be found on this subject. Earlier, the Great Sloan Digital Sky Survey gave the status of millions of galaxies, which has never been done before. If any patterns were found, it would expose a complex system. The pattern is still visible in some things. Like dark halos containing galaxies and clusters. Where nothing is happening, there are small galaxies.

Wonderful sky: the Andromeda galaxy with outstretched hands, such an image was made as a photograph of the year

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