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Microsoft to Release Patch for Key Xbox Series X Features | S: Quick Resume. There are always problems with launching new consoles, and this generation is no exception.

The quick summary will be resolved by Microsoft in the next update

While the feature worked perfectly during the preview period for Microsoft’s next generation systems. This had a positive influence when analyzing these consoles. But, Quick Resume saw that in several newly released games, they had certain issues.

Players who are part of Xbox’s revamped Xbox Insider program will be able to take advantage of the Quick Resume feature much sooner. Coming to the new Alpha Skip-Ahead update (2102.201207-0000), players will be able to discover the improvements in this area.

While the Xbox method of suspending multiple games at once is an extremely new concept at launch, its slim nature and incompatibility with some games has caused us to run into specific issues.

We have not found any major issues at this time. The problem is known that it disconnects users from the multiplayer server if we go to another game. But that’s understandable and we don’t think it will change. However, it seems that in the other cases we will notice a marked improvement in performance.

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