Quintn, awarded at the Pyme Awards of the Year


Quintn, awarded at the Pyme Awards of the Year

Receive access to training and employment

BY RRHHDigital, 04:45 – 05 December 2020

Banco Santander and the Alicante Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber and the newspaper Informacin, awarded as part of the SME of the Year Award access to training and employment to Quinton, a biotechnology laboratory in Alicante dedicated to the manufacture of specialties based on seawater, on Thursday 19 November 2020.

This fourth edition of the SME of the Year Award aimed to recognize the work of small and medium-sized enterprises as generators of wealth and creators of jobs in the performance of their daily work. According to the President of the Chamber, Juan Riera: “the actions of large companies are very visible and less those of small and medium-sized companies which manage to prosper thanks to the joint effort of businessmen and workers. This is why, at the Chamber of Commerce, we are particularly and above all dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises and most of our programs aim to help them improve their production and marketing processes. “

Specifically, Quinton received this award through his Wellbeing Laboratory project, a program for his team that includes more than 90 measures of well-being, health and conciliation, with which 97% of the staff feel happy. work in the company and a 95% sense of belonging.

Among the measures most related to the Access granted, Quinton offers a training program to its staff, but also to their families. On the one hand, they regularly make training programs, courses and internal training available to staff and also help those who wish to continue their professional training. For this, it contributes financially to the registration of diplomas or masters achieved by people who choose to study and combine it with work. This gives them the opportunity to adapt their schedule to their studies, as they offer measures such as an intensive day all year round and / or teleworking.

On the other hand, they also want to help the children of their employees. One of the programs on offer is “Design Your Future with Quinton”. The main objective is to improve their professional integration, as well as to motivate the little ones to continue their studies and their training.

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