Quinton, recognized for the quality of its internal communication

This week, the 11th edition of the Good Practices in Internal Communication Awards took place, virtually, organized by the Internal Communication Observatory, an entity founded by ATREVIA, IE Business School and Wolters Kluwer. This organization, created in 2001 with the aim of researching and disseminating knowledge, exchanging initiatives and recognizing good practices of internal communication and human resources professionals, rewarded Quinton, a biotechnology laboratory dedicated to the manufacture of natural specialties based on cold microfiltered. seawater, the prize for “Best internal communication practice in SMEs”.

The laboratories were chosen thanks to its “Quinton Wellbeing Laboratory” project, an initiative promoted by its “People with Values” department. It is a program with more than 10 years of history recognized as good practice by the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work and certified efr (family business), based on more than 90 measures to achieve and promote the well-being, sport and conciliation. From there, they devote themselves fully to communicating, both externally and internally, of the advantages and benefits of these measures.

In terms of internal communication, Quinton has always opted for multidirectional, transparent and effective communication through group discussions, suggestion boxes or guides and internal help manuals, among other measures. In addition, the laboratories have had their own Happiness App in operation for four years which, in addition to measuring the team’s happiness index on a daily basis with an average of 94%, allows the team to express themselves freely in the anonymity, allowing progress in real time.

In addition, following the health crisis in 2020, the laboratories have adapted their program to implement and strengthen their internal communication. Among other measures, it integrated virtual meetings of the management committee and the various work teams as many times as the situation required, the Teams, Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp tools being the most used.

The appointment of a central spokesperson and the current communication via WhatsApp were also essential: communication of the real situation of the sustainability of the company, economic reality, implementation of hygiene measures (such as disinfection of facilities, ozone cleaning of facilities). close to sick comrades and their families, delivery of washable masks for the team and their family unit).

Along with this, Quinton wrote internal COVID-19 guides and manuals to optimize health advice based on the evolution of the pandemic both for colleagues who have continued (and continue) to work in person. in the production plant, as well as for those they were forced to work from home.

Finally, he created a WhatsApp channel #AhoraMasQueNunca as a voluntary communication channel where, at first, everyone joined to share their moments of confinement, news, jokes, family situations, mood, contests, challenges, health advice or bingo… And that from today, he is still active and will remain so.

Cecilia Coll, Head of People with Values, underlines: “This award has enormous value for us, and even more so with the times in which we live, in which we have had to adapt very quickly to each situation. Receiving this award reinforces the safety and importance that the measurements of our “Quinton Wellbeing Laboratory” project assume for our team and its environment. It all starts with good internal communication. We will continue to work to improve ourselves, to help our staff and to be closer than ever to each other ”.

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