Quinton renews ERF certificate as excellent in reconciliation

Well-being, commitment and happiness of the team: Quinton renews his ERF certificate as excellent in reconciliation

The management of personal, family and professional time through reconciliation is one of the goals of Quinton, a biotechnology laboratory dedicated to the manufacture of natural specialties based on microfiltered cold seawater. It is for this reason that the company recently succeeded in renewing the efr Certificate granted by Fundacin Msfamilia, after having passed the audit which qualifies it as excellent in conciliation.

Through an extensive catalog, structured in five axes with more than 90 reconciliation measures adapted to the five generations that make up its team, Quinton makes the Well-being Laboratory available to its employees. It is a live catalog where the team evaluates the measurements themselves, they can even suggest new ones thanks to their anonymous suggestion system.

So, regarding reconciliation metrics with low scores by the team, Quinton is investigating their use to reject their candidacy, as well as to include others that were not considered and that are deemed important to staff. Among the most popular measures, the extraordinary bonus for the start of the school year and the January slope, private health insurance with full coverage and free physiotherapist service during working hours stand out.

Cecilia Coll, People with Values ​​manager at Quinton and the efr space, underlines: “The results we have drawn from these ten years of reconciliation are very positive; betting on reconciliation means increasing the well-being, commitment and happiness of the team. During this time, the catalog was adapted to the situation of each partner, his environment and his type of family unit ”.

Regarding the return on investment, we note a strong sense of commitment (85%), a strong belonging to the organization (94%), an increase in productivity year after year and a team with a happiness index of 96 %.

Cecilia Coll is committed to constantly innovating in terms of work-life balance through the various training courses provided by Fundacin Mme Familia and active listening to the team. For example, during the pandemic the work model changed considerably around the world, however Quinton adapted easily, since teleworking has developed over the past ten years in the company.

“The future of work-life balance depends on adapting to the continuous change of the work environment, without forgetting the importance of listening to the team and of continuing to maintain the consolidated base of mutual commitment. With this renewal of the certificate as excellent in conciliation, it is a commitment to maintain our objective, to be an organization that takes care of the well-being of our human team ”, affirms Cecilia Coll.

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