Quirnsalud and Fundacin Integralia join forces to promote the employment of people with disabilities

Quirnsalud and Fundacin Integralia join forces to promote the employment of people with disabilities

The Integralia DKV Foundation and the Quirnsalud Group have signed a framework collaboration agreement, the main objective of which is to promote the employment of disabled people who work in the leading hospital group in our country.

The event was attended by the President of DKV and the Advisory Board of the Integralia Foundation, Mr. Javier Vega, the Managing Director of the Integralia Foundation, Cristina Gonzlez, and the CEO of the Quirnsalud Group, Hctor Ciria, who noted “The Quirnsalud’s commitment to a more inclusive and diverse society. We understand social responsibility as something intrinsic to our business and how it will continue to advance in the challenges we face as a society, hence the importance of alliances such as those we have signed today with the Integralia Foundation, so that people with disabilities have a real work of integration within the Quirnsalud Group and make diversity management one of our identity marks », He underlined.

For his part, D. Javier Vega, chairman of the advisory board of Fundacin Integralia, said “that for Integralia it is an honor and a great recognition that Quirnsalud relies on its training programs, awareness and on the experience in the placement of people with disabilities to contribute to the Group’s diversity and inclusion objectives ”.

Cristina Gonzlez, director of Fundacin Integralia, for her part considered that Quirnsalud, a leading company in the health sector, is taking a step forward with this collaboration with Integralia, which “can be an example to be followed by many companies in the health sector. health. sector / health to integrate into its agenda ESG criteria, the integration of people with disabilities, going well beyond what is required by the LGD. For Integralia, this alliance is a challenge and a great opportunity to learn ”.

The collaboration between Quirnsalud and the Integralia Foundation, which has been working for more than 20 years for the employment of people with disabilities, includes the realization of training, awareness-raising, socio-employment and awareness-raising activities, as well as the following commitments:

Desarrollar proyectos conjuntos, que tengan como fin la insercin laboral de personas con discapacidad; organizacin conjunta de actividadesde inters social y de actividades formivas y de Sensilizacin en materia de discapacidad e igualdad de oportunidades; diseo e implementacin de proyaldeel valorin de laborinacin People with Disabilities; collaboration in other countries where the two entities operate, particularly in Latin America.

Quirnsalud, in its commitment to promote the inclusive culture of the group and to preserve equal employment opportunities for people in vulnerable situations, has the support of Integralia to facilitate the hiring of candidates with disabilities in the organization. These candidates will come mainly from the Foundation team itself, which acquires professional skills through training and work experience in the 7 special employment centers that Integralia has.

This professional development allows them subsequently to make a “transit” to other companies or organizations such as Quirnsalud. This model is supplemented by a period of support, both with the person and the company that hires them – in this case Quirnsalud – whose team receives training and awareness campaigns, in order to guarantee success. of inclusion.

The agreement also envisages collaboration in other countries, in particular in those where Quirnsalud operates and Integralia its international development cooperation programs, particularly in Latin America.

Vulnerability in the employment of people with disabilities

This agreement is signed in a context of maximum vulnerability in the employment of disabled people. According to the latest report from the Observatory for Disability and the Labor Market (ODISMET), the number of hires of people with disabilities fell by 30% in 2020 due to the pandemic. A drop in hiring which worsens the already delicate employment situation of the group, which has an unemployment rate of 24%, against 16% of the rest of the citizen. Only one in four people with disabilities had a job in 2020 and the poverty or exclusion rate climbed to 32%, or 7 percentage points above the general population average.

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