Qulacomm announces the first Windows 10 ARM development kit

Today, the fruit of the collaboration between Microsoft and Qualcomm has been reviewed with the announcement of the first development kit. This miniPC based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c platform allows developers to have real hardware to build their apps on Windows 10 ARM without spending a lot of money like on Surface Pro X and other devices.

We discovered the first Windows 10 ARM SDK

If Microsoft wanted Windows 10 ARM to have more apps, it was necessary to provide developers with the necessary tools to work. Today arrives the first development kit on a Snapdragon 7c and invites us to dream of much smaller desktops, but with devilish power. According to the folks at Qualcomm:

Created in collaboration with Microsoft, this Windows 10-based SDK is a resource for developers to verify and validate their solutions to ensure a great user experience for working, learning, and collaborating on Windows 10 PCs with Snapdragon processors.

For their part, they also take into account that this development kit offers more flexibility than a laptop with a significantly lower entry price. In addition, the folks at Qualcomm have indicated that they will help the developers resolve their potential issues. The objective of this kit is to considerably reduce the cost of deploying an application

The kit is what you would expect, a little black box with the Qualcomm Snapdragon logo, a USB Type A, a MicroSD drive, and supposedly other ports that we don’t see in the picture. This design is after all similar to the design that Apple previously presented to developers and worked well for those in Cupertino.

Today’s news continues with news from last year, where Microsoft talked about expanding App Assure to support Snapdragon devices. Additionally, Teams, Visual Studio Code, and Microsoft Edge for ARM apps were announced. And today we also learned that Zoom will have an app optimized for Windows 10 ARM and that it should arrive this summer.

The Snapdragon SDK will also be commercially available from the Microsoft Store this summer. Its price or release date has not been announced, but it should be much more accessible since it does not have a screen or keyboard.

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