Raam Party Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu seems to lack a majority in Israeli elections of 2021

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Benjamin Netanyahu still a far-right Islamic party in Israeli elections, Ram Kingmaker, is expected to win 5 seats; Netanyahu’s coalition needs 59 seats, 61 for Tel Aviv majority
A staunch Arab Islamic party named “Ram” (Raam) became a kingmaker after a thorn in the elections held in Israel on Tuesday. Netanyahu’s party Likud and its allies won 59 seats, despite the 90% vote tally on Thursday morning. The Israeli parliament has a total of 120 seats in the Nesat. In such a situation, for the majority, Benjamin Netanyahu will have to have at least 61 seats.

Only 3 seats difference between Netanyahu’s alliance and opposition
The difference between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition and the coalition of his rival parties is very small. Netanyahu’s coalition of opposing parties is estimated to win 56 seats. In such a situation, a great role is seen in the formation of the Ram Party government. The Ram Party is expected to get at least 5 seats in this election. If she supports the Likud alliance, Netanyahu’s dream of becoming prime minister again will come true.

Netanyahu’s steadfast nationalism can turn into a snag
Benjamin Netanyahu is known for his staunch nationalist ideology. They opposed giving more leeway to the Palestinians or preventing the expansion of Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip. Whereas the ideology of the Ram party is the exact opposite. In such a situation, it will be necessary to see if Ram supports his radical nationalist party, the Likud, which one calls his ally against nature.

Support not yet announced
This party has not announced that it will support anyone yet, but given the circumstances, it cannot be denied that the Joint List, called Rama in Hebrew, may decide Israel’s longest time whether or not Netanyahu will stay in the country. power up to the Prime Minister. Opposition party leader Yair Lapid contested the election last year along with Defense Minister Benny Gantz, but withdrew after a deal between Netanyahu and Gantz on a partnership for power. This time he campaigned claiming to defeat Netanyahu.

Know the feast of the ram
The Ram Party claims to rule residents of Arab descent in Israel. There are not many Arab Muslims in this predominantly Jewish country. Among them, many Muslim voters are supporters of different parties. We see for the first time that in the election of Israel, the Ram Party, which maintains good relations with Palestine and the Arab countries, obtained votes equal to five seats.

Voters vote for party in Israel
The election of the Neset, Israel’s parliament, is based on a proportional voting system. In which the voter must vote for the party instead of the candidates listed on the ballot. Parties are allocated seats in parliament in proportion to the votes cast. This process is completed within 28 days. If a party obtains 10% of the vote, it receives 10%, or 12% of the total of 120 seats in Parliament.

Benjamin Netanyahu scored big victory in Israeli elections, find out how the elections go here
It is necessary to obtain a minimum of 3.5% of the vote
In order for a party to reach the Neset (Parliament), it is necessary to obtain a minimum of 3.25% of the total vote. If a party’s vote percentage is less than 3.25, it does not receive a seat in Parliament. Before the elections, each Israeli party publishes a list based on the preferences of its candidates. On this basis, the deputy is elected after winning the election. If an MP dies during their tenure, the following leaders included in this list have a chance.

Kingmaker, Arab-Islamic party in Israel, could decide Benjamin Netanyahu’s future
120 seats in the Israeli Parliament
The Parliament of Israel is called the Neset. Nesat is an ancient Hebrew word which, according to Jewish tradition, was an assembly of 120 sages and prophets. The term of office of a Nesat member is four years. It is thanks to this that the Prime Minister and the President of Israel are elected. Israeli law is made in the Nesat itself. It consists of 120 members in total. The minimum age to vote here is 18.

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