Radio message sent by Jupiter’s moon? NASA Juno Receives Wifi-Like Signal – NASA Juno Discovers WiFi-Like Radio Signal From Jupiter Moon Ganymede

A US space agency NASA spacecraft has captured a Wi-Fi-like signal from the moon on the planet Jupiter. What scientists have found as an FM signal. This unique signal was picked up by the Juno spacecraft, orbiting Jupiter since 2016. This signal is said to have originated from Jupiter’s Ganymid Moon.

This radio wave was like an FM radio signal
According to NASA scientists, it looks like an FM signal. Most signals are sent via the FM and AM radio channels. FM radio waves are technically considered more advanced. Because, while sending a transmission from one place to another, FM signals reduce the average errors such as noise. This makes things much clearer on the receiver.

This first signal from Jupiter’s moon
As ABC 4 reported, never before have such strong waves been captured on the moon of Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Juno found this radio network during the orbit of a polar region made up of ganimide moon gas. Ganymede’s magnetic field lines cross this region. In the parlance of scientists, this process is commonly referred to as decimetre radio emission.

The signals were received even before Jupiter
According to, the Jupiter radio show was discovered in 1955. Many of these radio waves have been received from this planet in the past 66 years. Scientists are now trying to figure out how these signals work.

NASA researchers explained this reason for the signal
NASA researchers believe electrons are responsible for these radio signals. This signal was detected by the Juno spacecraft flying at a speed of 50 kilometers per second for only 5 seconds. However, scientists still do not believe that there can be life on such a planet.

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