Radio signals outside the solar system: Scientists first receive radio signals from the planet outside the solar system – Scientists detect radio signals from an exoplanet outside our solar system

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The first radio signals from outside the solar system were discovered from planetary systems 51 light years away. This planet made of gas is also called hot Jupiter. It will emanate from the magnetic field of the planet.
International teams of scientists have for the first time detected radio signals coming from the planet outside our solar system. These signs come from the planetary system located 51 light years away. Scientists reported that the Netherlands-based radio telescope detected low-frequency network radio (LOFAR) signals from the Tau Bootes star system. A planet made of gas spins very close to it and is also known as “hot Jupiter”.

First radio signal search
The research paper published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics states that only radio signals emanating from the Tau Bootes planetary system were detected, possibly due to the planet’s special magnetic field. At the same time, Cornell University postdoctoral researcher Jake D. Turner said, “With the radio signal, we have brought the first sign of the planet outside the solar system for the first time.” He said, “These signs are from the Tau Bootes system which has two stars and planets. We have presented a case of signs coming from the planet.

Will explore the distant world
A researcher said that if the planet is confirmed by further studies, a new way of detecting planets outside the solar system through radio signals will open up and a new way of knowing the world hundreds of years away. -light. Turner said that locating the planet outside of the solar system based on the magnetic field would also help space scientists explore the atmospheric properties and properties of that planet. In addition, it will be easy to understand the physical relationship of the stars and their orbiting planets.

The magnetic field is important
It is worth noting that the magnetic field of the Earth protects us from the dangers of solar storms and makes this planet worth living. Turner said: “ An Earth-like magnetic field on a planet outside the solar system can contribute to a potentially lethal condition because it shields its atmosphere from solar storms and deadly rays from the universe and also prevents the atmosphere of the planet to be destroyed. East.’

The planet will be like Jupiter
It is noteworthy that two years ago Turner and his colleagues studied radio signals from the planet Jupiter and the same signal from the planet outside the solar system is believed to be similar to the planet Jupiter in the system. solar. Samples of radio signals from Jupiter and other planets are useful in detecting planets in the universe 40 to 100 light years from Earth.

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