Rafale agreement: Agreement on a Rafale combat aircraft between France and Greece: Agreement on a Rafale combat aircraft between France and Greece

Strong points:

Agreement on a Rafale plane between Greece and France in the two countries, an agreement of 2.8 billion dollars in two years, 12 old, 6 new planes will give tension to France, Greece increases its military force
Greece and France will process 18 Rafale fighter jets. The French Minister of Defense arrived in Athens to sign the agreement. Greece’s deal with France will prove crucial in a context of strained relations with neighboring Turkey. The two countries have been on the brink of war on several occasions in recent years.

Delivery from this year
From the middle of this year, France will deliver 12 used and 6 new aircraft to Greece over the next two years. French Defense Minister Florence Parle is in Athens to sign the € 2.3 billion deal. Under this agreement, aircraft equipment will be purchased for 400 million euros. The first 6 devices will be delivered in June this year, while the others will be delivered in mid-2023.

France has joined Greece in a dispute with Turkey over the border of the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean. Military tensions between the two countries escalated last year when Turkey sent its mission to the disputed region.

Greece strengthens the army
Although Greece and Turkey have tried to settle the dispute peacefully, Athens has said it will continue with its billion-euro program to modernize its military. From May this year, the period of compulsory service in the Greek army will be reduced from 9 months to 12 months. Greece wants to increase its defense capacity with the help of new jets, open doors and weapons.

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