Rafale Fighter Jet flight record: the Rafale Fighter Jet spend record time in the air French Air Force and Space

The Rafale fighter jet set a new record by flying for 12 hours without stopping. This French fighter plane traveled a distance of 17,000 km in 12 hours on its way to the air base located in the Pacific Ocean. Before today, no Rafale aircraft had been able to cover such a distance without stopping. Previously, Rafale fighter jets had flown a distance of 6,700 km from France to India.

First country in Europe to fly fighter jets for 15 hours
French Air Force air refueling operator Major Pierrick said we are the only country in Europe capable of covering such a distance of 17,000 km from our bases. Rafale planes have traveled this distance by flying from California to reach the French air base in Tahiti located in the South Pacific Ocean. During this time, the Rafale aircraft was refueled seven times in the air itself.

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Record flight of three Rafale
According to French media, seven French Air Force planes, including three Rafale fighter jets, had taken off from France on their way to Tahiti. On the first flight, it reached California Air Force Base in the United States. On his second flight from here, he landed safely in Tahiti, setting a record. During this record-breaking 15-hour flight, in-flight refueling was carried out seven times in the Rafale fighter aircraft.

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France strengthens in the Indo-Pacific
France is showing its strength in the Indo-Pacific region through Rafale fighter jets. Outside France, many military bases in this country remain in strategic locations. These planes fly from these places and keep watch all over the world. France has made Tahiti its base in the Pacific Ocean. In the Indian Ocean, it has important military bases like Reunion and Djibouti.

Many countries including India bought the Rafale
Dassault Aviation, the company that manufactures Rafale fighter jets, has signed agreements with many countries in recent years. Recently, Croatia signed an agreement to purchase 12 Rafale multirole fighter jets for $ 1.2 billion. Previously, France had secretly signed a $ 4.5 billion contract to deliver 30 Rafale fighter jets to Egypt. France also sold 12 Rafale fighter jets to Greece. In 2016, France and India signed an agreement for 36 Rafale.

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