rainbow around the moon: image of the rainbow around the moon: image of the rainbow on the side of the moon

Images of the moon are nothing short of a poem in themselves. If this moon is surrounded by iridescent shadow, the senses of observers can fly. One of these photos was taken by photographer Alberto Gezi Panija in his camera. In this one, the moon is visible between twinkling stars and an iridescent circle surrounds it. This special sight is called Luna Corona.

Capture the view at midnight
Alberto from Italy says he has seen this point of view several times but has never taken a picture of it before. This time he was home due to the lockdown and he also had all the gear to take that special photo. He has this incredible image after spending almost two hours. From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., he took numerous photos in which a halo, colored glow and clouds were also visible.

How this ‘ring’ is made
Along with the craters of the moon, this rainbow was also visible, which was formed by the division of water and ice in the air after light hit the lunar surface. Meanwhile, the clouds are so thin that every ray of light becomes rainbow because of the drops. What made this image more special were the twinkling stars seen from behind. This photo of Alberto is now widely shared and people never tire of appreciating it.

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