Rajab Tayeb Irdugan: Is President Erdogan determined to end human rights in Turkey? New law passed – Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to end human rights in Turkey, Turkish parliament passes controversial law

Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan, who is trying to become the Messiah of Muslims around the world, is determined to strangle human rights in his own country. Turkey’s parliament on Sunday passed a controversial law that would strengthen the government’s grip on human rights defenders and organizations. Many human rights organizations, including Turkey, oppose this law.

Erdogan Gets Unlimited Powers Against Terrorism
According to the report, under the new law, the Turkish government will have the power to replace members of national and international organizations accused of terrorism whenever it wishes. In addition, the Erdogan government can also appeal to the court to ban these organizations. Apart from this, members of the accused organizations can also be put in prison. This law was formulated by Erdogan’s AK party.

Erdogan jailed all his opponents in prison
Protesters attempted to overthrow Erdogan’s regime in Turkey in 2016. However, over time Erdogan crushed him with the force of the army. After which, the Turkish president, using his unlimited powers, imprisoned all his opponents. Not only that, he was charged with terrorism. Due to which he could not even get bail from the court. Many opponents of Erdogan are still behind bars.

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Boil on Turkish Law
Many other organizations, including Amnesty International, known the world over as human rights leaders, have accused the Erdogan government of arbitrarily accusing its opponents of terrorism. Because of which thousands of ordinary citizens, journalists, politicians, social workers and members of human rights organizations are imprisoned.

Turkey’s economy collides with France and America, said Erdogan – will save country from evil powers
Erdogan protects Islam and nationalism to distract from issues
Erdogan also talks about religion and patriotism to distract people from real issues. Turkey’s economic situation has continued to deteriorate for several months. The value of its currency has reached an all-time high. Unemployment and inflation figures in the country are setting new records every day. There was an uprising in Turkey before, which Erdogan crushed with the force of the army. In such situation, he tries to focus people’s attention on other issues with the help of those issues.

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