Rajab Tayyab Erdogan said Western countries want to wage war on Islam

The war of words between Turkey and France over the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad is intensifying. At first, the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad turned bitter. At the same time, the French magazine Sharley Abdo produced a caricature of Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdogan, which created a new heckling. In this report, Turkey declared that diplomatic and judicial action could be taken against France. Now Erdogan has also said that Western countries want to wage war on Islam.

“ Western countries want to attack Islam ”
Erdogan said on Wednesday that Western countries want to wage war by attacking Islam. Erdogan said this when addressing his AK party in the country’s parliament. He said: “France and all of Europe do not like such an incitement, a dirty, hateful and disparate policy of Macro and those like him.” He said it was a matter of respect for the country that the attack on Prophet Muhammad should be stepped up.

Cartoon war in Turkey-France: Charlie Hebdo shows Turkish President ‘Adhananga’, Macron becomes ‘monster’ in Iran

Erdogan cartoon
Wednesday’s edition of Sharley Abdo was posted online with Erdogan appearing in a t-shirt and underpants, drinking beer from the can and picking up the skirt of a woman wearing a hijab. It read “Erdogan: He’s very funny in private”. Turkey strongly condemned this and warned that action could be taken against France.

Performance against France
Parisian teacher Samuel Patty was beheaded by an Islamic attacker for showing children in his class a caricature of the Prophet. After the incident, Macron said France would continue to follow its centuries-old traditions and laws that guaranteed freedom of expression. Thanks to this, Sharli Abdo also gets the freedom to make cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, from which this uproar started.

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