Ramstein Air Base: US intimidated by Russian ballistic missile test! The alarm bell rang at the airbase in Germany – Russian military exercise raised missile launch alarm at US base in Ramstein in Germany

The battle for increased supremacy between the United States and Russia in the Baltic Sea region is now intensifying. On December 12, the United States, alarmed by Russia’s ballistic missile test, issued a threat alert on its Ramstein airbase in Germany. During this time, all personnel stationed at the air base were advised to reach the safe areas by mobile messages, mail and loudspeakers.

Everyone sent an alert for a missile attack alert

As CNN reports, on December 12 the European Command of the US Army alerted everyone by sending out a ballistic missile launch alert. The alert was of the highest level, causing panic among personnel deployed to the air base. Later, when the officials got a good idea of ​​the situation, they withdrew the warning.

A US intelligence satellite had detected a missile

According to reports, the US intelligence satellite on Saturday detected four intercontinental ballistic missiles launched from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in western Russia. The satellite found the launch path of these missiles over Germany. After that, this warning was issued. Russian officials confirmed the ballistic missile test, claiming that one of its nuclear submarines performed a successful missile test the same day.

U.S. released missile warning clarification

Yesterday, Monday, the US military issued a statement saying it had received an alert to fire an actual missile through the alert notification system. The control center followed the appropriate procedures and provided increasingly accurate information to all staff. He also revealed the level of our alerts. However, the US military did not mention the Russian missile test in its statement.

An alert was also issued earlier

This is not the first time that the United States has issued a true missile attack alert. On January 13, 2018, the citizens of Hawaii received an early morning alert for a North Korean ballistic missile attack. When this alert arrived, chaos reigned over the entire island of Hawaii. However, 38 minutes later, US officials canceled that alert. Hackers in North Korea reportedly issued the warning, but the United States never accepted it.

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