ranjitsinh disale: UK: Maharashtra teacher awarded for promoting girls’ education receives world teacher award of 7 crore

Announced as the winner of the annual World Teachers ‘Award, 2020 for $ 1 million (Rs 7.38,50,150) for a primary teacher from India for promoting girls’ education and for making a huge effort in the textbook revolution, the quick action code (QR) in the country. was done. Ranjit Singh Dislay, 32, from Paridevadi Village, Solapur District, Maharashtra, became the winner among ten contestants who reached the final round. The Warke Foundation launched the award in 2014 with the aim of recognizing outstanding teachers for their outstanding contributions.

Give half the price to fellow participants
Dislay announced that he would give half of his prize money to his fellow competitors for their incredible work. He said the Kovid-19 outbreak has put education and related communities in a difficult position in many ways. But in these difficult times, teachers are trying to do the best they can to ensure that every student has access to a good education.

Ranjeet said after getting the honor
He said that teachers are real agents of change who change the lives of their students by mixing chalk and challenges. They still believe in giving and sharing. And so I am happy to announce that I will be handing out half of the prize money also to my fellow candidates for their amazing work. I believe that together we can change the world because sharing increases.

The founder of the award explained why Ranjit was honored
Founder and charity Sunni Warke said that by sharing the prize money, you are teaching the importance of giving to the world. Stephania Giannini, deputy director of education at UNESCO, a partner in this initiative, said teachers like Ranjitsingh will stop climate change and create a more peaceful and just society. Teachers like Ranjitsingh will eliminate inequalities and push things forward towards economic growth.

Books translated into the students’ mother tongue
In fact, when the court arrived at Solapur Zilla Parishad Primary School in Solapur in 2009, the school building was in a dilapidated condition and it looked like it was the place between the cattle and the store. He took on the task of making a difference and made sure that a manual in local languages ​​was available for students. Not only did he translate the textbooks into the students’ native languages, but he also organized specific QR codes so that the students could get audio poems and video lectures, stories and homework.

Ranjit became the first person to introduce the QR code in Maharashtra
The result of her efforts is that since then, teenage marriages have not appeared in the village and 100% girls’ school attendance has been ensured. Dislay became the first person to introduce QR code in Maharashtra and after the proposal was submitted and the pilot program was successful, the state cabinet announced in 2017 that it would introduce QR code manuals in the state. for all categories. In 2018, the Department of Human Resources Development announced that the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) manuals would also contain QR codes.

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