Rape in Pakistan: Pakistan becomes a bastion of rape, 22,000 rapes in 6 years, only 77 have been punished – Pakistan 22,000 rapes with women in six years only 77 have been punished

Strong points:

There are at least 11 incidents of rape in Pakistan every day, over 22 thousand cases have been recorded in the past 6 years, according to media reports, only 77 have been convicted.
There are at least 11 incidents of rape in Pakistan every day. Over the past 6 years, more than 22,000 cases have been recorded at the police station but according to media reports only 77 of them have been punished. This represents only 0.3% of the total figure. These figures are said to have been obtained from the Police, Law and Justice Commission, Pakistan Human Rights Commission, Women’s Foundation and provincial welfare agencies.

Apart from this, it has also been revealed that the number of such crimes may be over 60,000, but most of the cases go unrecorded due to pressure. At the same time, it was also revealed that most of the rape cases were recorded in Balochistan, Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Imran government, which has sat in silence on the growing incidence of rape, has now enacted strict law.

The culprits in Pakistan can be castrated
Pakistan has approved a strict law to stop the increase in rapes in the country. Under this law, criminals can also be castrated by giving drugs. After receiving approval from the Pakistani cabinet, President Arif Alvi signed a new anti-rape ordinance on Tuesday. The ordinance also provides for the formation of special courts to try rape cases.

Rape hearing to be completed in 4 months
The president’s office said in a statement that after this law, special courts will be formed across the country and cases of rape against women and children will be heard swiftly. The courts will complete the hearing in four months. Provision has been made to castrate those who have committed the crime of rape for the first time or repeatedly. However, the consent of the culprit will also need to be obtained for this.

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