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Culture news Pokémon cards: Rapper Lorenzo collects more than 300,000 euros at auction Published on May 29, 2021 at 9:59 a.m. The 25 years of the Pokémon license have certainly contributed to the awakening of Pokémon card collectors. Sales of the latter have exploded lately, whether it’s old, rare cards or even new series. The latest example comes from French rapper Lorenzo. Almost immediately after the games launched in 1996, Pokémon cards and anime quickly took over the world. On October 8, 1999, France discovered what the media in France called Pokémania. A transmedia strategy that Game Freak, Creatures Inc., The Pokémon Company and Nintendo, who now hold the most profitable license in the world, will give great pleasure. Years have passed and some of the players are now in their twenties or even thirties. This results in purchasing power, the opportunity to satisfy the urge for cards, but also to invest in nostalgia. All of these factors have caused the card market to explode recently (+ 574% in a year), even leading to an unlikely crush among some resellers who were forced to stop selling while production struggled with demand . This week, rapper Lorenzo shed some light on that excitement. In fact, the artist has offered 15 cards from his collection for sale on Ebay, integrated into a frame that he has hand-signed. In total, the sale of the Légende Vivante interpreter brought in 305,793 euros. A very large sum generated in part from the sale of a Charizard card for € 75,350 and a Florizarre card for € 74,550. All other cards listed below went up to 10,000 euros. At the end of the sale the rapper said: C FINI !!! You will be able to release all the albums you want, that was the heist of the year. I assure you none of these funds will be donated to an association, everything is in my bank account. (sic) Charizard Basic Edition 1: 75,350 € Florizarre Basic Edition 1: 74,550 € Squirtle Basic Edition 1: 14,200 € Mewtwo Expedition: 12,400 € Tortank Basic Edition: 12,200 € Raikou Star Ex Hidden Force: 12,040 € Pikachu Surfer Promo Wizard: 11,999 € Leviator Basic Edition 1: 11 990 € Charmander Basic Edition 1: 11 961 € Mew Holographic Promo Wizard: 11 950 € Ectoplasm Fossil Edition 1: 11 950 € Artikodin Fossil Edition 1: 11 852 € Bulbasaur Basic Edition 1: 11 550 € Nidoking crystal aquapolis: 11 250 € Kangourex jungle edition 1: 10 551 € By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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