Rare cases of coronavirus: mutation of the coronavirus in an HIV-positive woman 30 times: mutation of the corona virus 30 times in a woman infected with HIV

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A shocking case of a corona virus mutation has been revealed in South Africa. Here, a 36-year-old HIV-positive woman was infected with the virus for 216 days and during that time there were 30 mutations of the virus. There were 13 mutations in the virus spike protein. Most vaccines only affect the virus by recognizing the spike protein.

Not only that, the 19-fold mutation affected him differently. It is not yet clear whether these mutations were passed from the woman to someone else. The study appeared Thursday in the preprinted journal medRxiv. In a conversation with the Los Angeles Times, study author Tulio Di Oliveira said if more such cases were discovered then there would be concern that HIV infection was the source of the disease. new variant.

In these patients, the virus stays on for a long time, giving it a chance to mutate. He said no one could even be aware of this case because after the woman’s initial treatment there were only mild symptoms while the virus was present in her.

Case discovered in a study of HIV-positive people
This particular case came to light when the woman participated in a study of 300 people with HIV. Four other people were also found to have the corona virus for over a month. Before that, there was only one case where the virus was seen in a person with HIV for a long time. In people with weakened immune systems, such as kidney transplant patients, the virus has been seen for a long time in the past.

This research can be important in many ways. Especially for Africa where more than 20 million people had HIV in 2020. On Friday, the WHO warned about growing cases of Kovid that the danger of a third wave is visible here.

Corona variant found in India has spread to 48 countries around the world

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