rare golden fish: man finds rare golden fish:

In Arkansas, America, a man found a rare golden bass fish, which biologists call one in a million. Here Josh Rodgers found this “treasure” while fishing in Beaver Lake. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission biologist John Stein said bass “goldfish” looked like this because of a genetic problem.

Stein said, ‚ÄúThis different fish has xanthochromism, in which the yellow color comes in place of the thick pigment. It’s quite rare and it happens naturally. Roger said he first saw the fish and felt that if he was sick. He said he hadn’t thought about it for a long time.

He later shared the photo of the fish on social media and sent it to friends. After seeing the reaction of people, he felt that maybe he shouldn’t have rejected it. This fish was 16 inches long and must have weighed about a kilogram.

The golden penguin was sighted in February
There is a lot of enthusiasm among biologists and photographers for the different colorful creatures. Wildlife photographer Yves Adams, who was touring South Georgia in February, couldn’t believe it when he saw a yellow penguin. Penguins are usually black and white in color and have a yellow patch on their head and neck.

Adams says such a color may have been caused by leucism. It is a kind of mutation because of which melanin is not produced in the feathers. For this reason, white, yellow or uneven colors are visible. For this reason, there can also be such penguins which are completely white.

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