rare lobsters: rare species of orange sea creatures Canadian lobster seen in Britain wet Market

Scientists are very excited about the discovery of two rare species of lobster in Britain. Shrimp of this species are one in crores. These lobsters were found by a fisherman in Landlock County in the UK. Who had reached the Sea Food Market to sell them due to lack of information. This rare shrimp was identified by a caterer who came to shop in this market.

Buyers are shocked to see orange Canadian lobster
Caterer Joseph Lee, 47, has arrived at the Macro Wholesale Market in Landlock County to shop. Suddenly he sees two orange Canadian lobsters near a fish vendor. They are so rare that out of 30 million shrimp, only one is caught. It is also an extremely rare chance to see two with orange colored shrimp.

fisherman donated to aquarium
Seeing these prawns, Joseph approached the fisherman and persuaded him not to sell them. This fisherman wanted to sell these shrimps for 25.50 pounds (Rs 2,628.86). Following Joseph’s advice, the fisherman donated these rare shrimp to an aquarium.

Rare sighting of raw orange shrimp
Joseph said I had gone to do my usual shopping for my catering business. I watched these two orange lobsters from a distance and thought they were toys, as this is the only time I have seen them turn orange outside of cooking. I knew they wouldn’t keep cooked shrimp for sale because you have to keep the lobsters in a special tank with running water below seven degrees centigrade.

People are also surprised to see two rare shrimp together
He said I thought someone was joking and put orange lobsters in the tank. I approached and saw that they were alive. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have been in Macron for ten years and have been a fisherman myself, but I have never seen anything like it before. It is unimaginable to have not one but two of these shrimp in the tank.

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