Rare UK meteorite fallen on driveway could help decode solar system history Watch video: UK meteorite fallen extremely rare, life on Earth will know history

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The giant meteorite that fell on February 28 in the United Kingdom is of a very rare nature, we can know it from the history of the solar system and of life on Earth, this meteorite of 300 grams was recovered in the city of Winchcombe .
The meteorite dropped on February 28 in the United Kingdom is of a very rare nature. It can reveal the history of the solar system and of life on earth. Scientists recovered this approximately 300 gram meteorite from the town of Winchcombe. This meteorite consists of carbonaceous condrite. This substance is made up of the oldest and oldest material in the solar system.

Organic matter and amino acids are found inside this substance which is necessary for life. The Natural History Museum in London said the meteor piece is in very good condition. He was recovered shortly after the fall. This meteorite can be compared in quality and size to samples from space missions.

On February 28, giant meteorites were seen falling from the sky
Richard Greenwood, a researcher at the Open University, said: “I was surprised when I saw it. I immediately understood that it was a rare meteorite and very special in itself. Greenwood is the first scientist to identify the meteorite. Let us know that in the UK capital London, Birmingham, Bristol and other areas, a huge meteorite was seen falling from the sky on February 28th.

People were frightened by the fall of the meteorite. Many people tweeted that they had never seen such a huge meteorite before. Many people managed to make a video of Ulka’s fall and tweet and share it. It is said that the meteorite fell from the sky around 10 p.m. It has been seen all over Britain. Meteorites typically travel thousands of kilometers per hour, but when they enter Earth’s atmosphere, they burn and ignite very quickly. One user, Shane Mann, said that I just saw a meteor fall in West London. It’s shocking.

“ This meteorite fell to Earth at a very slow speed ”
The organization that monitors the British meteorite tweeted: “It seems that many people in Britain and Ireland may have seen the meteorite which arrived at around 9:55 pm.” It is said that this meteorite fell to earth at a very slow speed. The fall of the meteorite has become a topic of discussion across Britain. So far, thousands of people have watched the video of Meteor’s fall.

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