Rashmi Samant: Rashmi Samant, first Indian woman president of the Oxford Student Union, resigns over racism: Rashmi Samant resigns as president of the Oxford Students Union after controversy

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Rashmi Samant, the first Indian woman president of the Oxford University Students Union, protested Samantha’s nomination for resignation and insensitive statements, China had expressed its displeasure with the total of 3,708 votes cast for the presidency in the election of 1996.
History creator Rashmi Samant, who was elected the first Indian woman president of the Oxford University Students’ Union, has resigned her post amid controversy over some of her previous remarks. Few of Samanta’s old social media posts have been posted that many students have called racist and insensitive.
This includes a 2017 commentary on the massacre during a visit to the Berlin Holocaust Memorial in Germany and a controversy over the photo title in Ching Chang during a visit to Malaysia, which angered the Chinese students.

Bolin – I lost the trust of the student community
In an open letter published in the student journal Cherwell, Samant said that you may not believe my apologies for the recent developments, but I am so sorry to write that I have lost the trust of the student community who have voted for me and expressed confidence in my manifesto. She said I apologize to all the students who were hurt by my comment or any activity and I want to earn your trust again. However, after the controversy did not end, he decided to step down as president.

He said on Tuesday that in view of the controversy over the election of the president of the Oxford Students’ Union, I think it would be better to resign. Samant, from Udupi in Karnataka, then moved with his family to India and deleted several of his old social media posts.

Advocacy to remove the statue of the imperialists
According to his manifesto, Rashmi intends to advocate for the removal of all personalities from university and college conferences who were imperialist. They also include Christopher Coddington. Rashmi also demanded to forgive residential needs until the outbreak is over.

Rashmi got 1,966 votes
Rashmi received 1,966 votes out of 3,708 votes cast for the post of president, the highest number of candidates. In this year’s Oxford election, 4,881 students voted and a total of 36,405 votes were cast in all categories.

Who is Rashmi Samant: Rashmi Samant from Karnataka made history, first Indian woman to become president of the Oxford Student Union
Father businessman, mother housewife
Vatsala and Dinesh Samant’s daughter, Rashmi, was educated in Manipal and Udupi. Her father Dinesh Parkala is a businessman while her mother Vatsala is a housewife. He graduated from the Manipal Institute of Technology (lot 2016-2020), Manipal. Rashmi was the technical secretary of the MIT Student Council, Manipal.

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