rat viral video: rat viral video in Spain Parliament of Andalusia: rat viral video in Spanish parliament

It is common to see rats in India, but if they are seen walking in a government building, then the question of cleanliness may arise. It is another matter that when the rat was seen in the parliament of a Spanish state, the deputies jumped in fear and started to run. Videos of this incident have surfaced on social media.

This is the incident in the parliament of the Spanish Autonomous State of Andalusia. During this incident which blew up the senses of the deputies, a mouse had indeed entered Parliament. The session continued and seeing the rat in the middle, the deputies began to scream in fear. Video of the incident has gone viral on social media. He points to speaker Marta Baskett speaking, then she sees the mouse in front.

Seeing the rat, she covers her mouth in surprise with her hand. The rest of the MPs in the house also leave their seats and start running here and there. They start to clean up the space. After that, the work of Parliament had to be stopped. Before the rat entered the house, the vote was underway on whether to choose Susanna Diaz as the senator for the southern region of Spain.

People gave different kinds of reactions to the video. Some find the reaction of the leaders funny, while others wonder how these old people are scared like children. At the same time, some have compared the rat found in Parliament with the leaders of their respective countries.

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