Raw materials of the Covid-19 vaccine: the United States prohibits the supply of raw materials necessary for the manufacture of the Covid vaccine in India, find out everything here

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US officials failing to provide raw material for making Kovid vaccine, top US officials refrain from answering questions, India’s Corona vaccination program could have profound impact on Washington
The United States has now remained silent after the United States banned raw materials needed to increase vaccine production in India. US officials from time to time refrain from responding to questions posed about the ban. On Monday, the White House refused to respond to the Serum Institute of India’s request to lift the ban on the export of raw materials to increase production of Kovid-19 vaccines.

Question on America’s intention of friendship with India
America’s stubborn attitude has also raised questions about the intention of its friendship with India. Right now, the whole world is grappling with the corona epidemic. Every country is busy helping other countries out of all conflicts. In such a situation, what was the need of the United States to stop the raw material to increase vaccine production in India. Is America’s friendship with India only for the good of China?

India’s immunization program could be affected
This stubborn attitude of the United States is expected to affect not only the friendship with India, but also the vaccination program. Every day there are record Corona cases and deaths in India. In such a situation, the government announced to apply the vaccine to all people over the age of 18 from May 1. If vaccine production does not increase, it may take time to vaccinate the entire population in India.

The White House did not answer two questions
This was questioned twice during Monday morning’s White House briefing during Kovid-19 and later at press secretary Jane Saki’s daily press conference. At a press conference in the morning, a reporter questioned the White House’s Kovid-19 response team that the Serum Institute of India says the Biden administration is blocking exports of raw materials it has need to manufacture Kovid-19 vaccines. The Serum Institute has called on (US) President Joe Biden to lift the ban. So my question is, what raw material is India talking about and do you have any plans to address the concerns related to the serum?

Fouchi said – Sorry, we’ll talk about it later
To this, Dr Anthony Fauchi, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Dr Andy Slavitt, senior advisor to the White House Kovid-19 response team, said they did not had no answer. Fauchi said I don’t know. Forgive me. We’ll talk to you later, but I have nothing to tell you at the moment.

America finds excuse to pay for Kovacs program
Dr Andy Slavitt said we’ll talk to you about it. Suffice it to say, we take the global threat of a global epidemic very seriously. We have been at the forefront of funding Kovacs, we have made several bilateral vaccine transfers and we take all of these complex issues very seriously. We will tell you about it later.

Question also asked during the White House briefing
The same question was asked during the daily White House press conference. A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jane Saki that India was grappling with a severe shortage of raw materials needed to make the vaccine, and officials were calling for the lifting of the vaccine. ban on exports of this raw material from the United States. My colleagues in India said today that the Biden administration recently told India that its request is being considered and that action will be taken at the earliest. Can you give some information on this?

America tries to escape by giving evasive answers
In response, Saki referred to the recent speech by US Trade Representative Catherine Tai at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Saki said the disparities we see between developed and developing countries in access to vaccines are totally unacceptable. Extraordinary leadership, dialogue and artistry are required in exceptional times.

Made an excuse to consider the options
“We are definitely working with WTO members as part of global efforts against Kovid-19,” he said. Whether it’s a $ 4 billion pledge to Kovacs or helping countries in need, we work on a number of issues. Saki also said our goal was to identify the most effective measures to control the outbreak. We have nothing to say about the next step or the timetable, but we are considering different options.

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