Razer Barracuda X, the all-in-one headset you won’t want to leave

We haven’t talked about Razer for a long time but it is still a benchmark brand for us in the gaming world. This time we have to talk about the new Razer Barracuda X, for games and multiple devices, and even for one. outdoor use. These headphones seek to offer true versatility and freedom. Add to that lasting comfort, powerful drivers and a crystal-clear audio quality microphone, we’ve got a headset for it all.

Razer Barracuda X, use them with the gear you want

Headphones are no longer just used at home, we take them everywhere. However, switching between devices can take a long time, as unpairing and pairing via Bluetooth sometimes causes connection issues. The Barracuda X was designed with ease of use and versatility in mind. The folks at Razer are avid enemies of latency, and these headphones are no exception. They feature ultra-low latency, combined with a comfortable, sleek, and ergonomic design, powerful Razer TriForce drivers, and a detachable, Discord-certified Razer HyperClear cardioid microphone.

“Many cross-platform headsets on the market today can only do this using a cable,” said Alvin Cheung, senior vice president of Razer’s Peripherals business. “The Razer Barracuda X combines high-performance gaming features and true 4-in-1 wireless connectivity with the design and ease of use of traditional headphones. The result is a unique and versatile headset, ideal for the all-day gamer, no matter what platform you use or where you are. “

A design that convinces everyone

The Barracuda X was designed from the ground up as a versatile, cross-platform helmet with a strong emphasis on style and wearing comfort. Razer’s team of engineers have used their years of experience to integrate state-of-the-art Razer audio technologies into comfortable wireless gaming headsets that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Barracuda X has undergone an extensive design process. Here are the rules of comfort so that we can use them for long periods without problems. The low profile earmuffs are a perfect fit for every ear shape and can be adjusted and rotated for a custom fit. With memory foam ear pads and a thick, soft and light headband for a pressure-free fit. The Barracuda X weighs just 250 grams, making them perfect for long lasting comfort all day long.

Headphones where sound matters

The Barracuda X features the latest audio technology from Razer. With Razer TriForce 40mm speakers. They deliver clear and brilliant high-end sound with individually tuned high, mid and low frequencies. This delivers clearer highs, rich mids, and powerful bass, delivering an immersive audio experience.

We end with an always interesting detail. The folks at Razer have adjusted their price to the maximum and we can acquire them for $ 100 as a starting price. A great price for top notch headphones.

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