Razer signs up for Black Friday with great deals

It’s November, and apart from being Movember, it’s also a great time to shop at great prices. As you know, we love working with the folks at Razer. We have worked together for years and have reported well on many of their products. Now they are getting ready for Black Friday and the sale season with their best products.

Choose your next Razer team

The taste is varied and we know that each of you may have Razer peripheral needs. We will see the best options and in the different sales channels.

Razer DeathAdder Mouse

This time we have the Razer DeathAdder V2 and Essential mice in PCComponentes and Fnac respectively. Depending on the performance and the budget you have, you can choose one mouse or another, what is clear is that you will be right.

They’re wired mice to reduce latency to just an anecdote. You choose which of these mice best suits your taste and budget.

Power Up Bundle, the Razer game pack

If you don’t want to mess around between the different products and want to grab a pack of play equipment, that’s it. Razer makes it easy for us by offering three premium features at an incredible price. You get the Razer Cynosa Lite, the Razer Viper mouse, and the Kraken X Lite.

Three teams with incredible finishes and quality at a moderate price. Because we can’t always leave a lot of money for peripherals, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying our games.

Take your music everywhere

We ended Razer’s offerings with three headphones and the three different ones. Different bets for all tastes. When it comes to audio, we’re very finicky and it shows …

First off, we’ve got the cheapest bet with the Razer Kraken, wired headset and an amazing design. You will never tire of wearing them and you will have maximum loyalty.

Then, we continue with the Razer Nari, the same concept of headset headphones but without the cables. So you don’t have tugs or discomfort with the cables. It also incorporates THX technology for realistic spatial sound.

We end with the Razer Hammerhead, the version of the popular Airpods with a style of play that only Razer can give. In addition, we guarantee low latency so that you can play from anywhere.

Razer Nari on Amazon

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