Razer Wolverine V2: unboxing and first impressions

Thanks to Razer employees, we can test your new Razer Wolverine V2 controller (here we link to the product overview website). This is a controller designed for Xbox Series X | S with amazing design and unique performance. SPOILER: We loved it!

Razer Wolverine V2: ergonomics with a touch of mechanical switches

The folks at Razer take care of every detail and this Razer Wolverine V2 is no exception. No, it’s not a wireless controller, but it fits better in my hand than the regular Xbox.

With a very similar design, but slight modifications, it gives us latency-free control. In fact, being a wired controller, it is impossible for us to have latency. If we add its switches to this, we will notice each pulse and hear it with its characteristic sound. You get a pleasant feeling with each pressure.

In addition, details such as the rubbery and irregular surface make it fit our hand like a suction cup. The last highlight at the moment are the triggers. We can reduce the route simply by activating the little switch behind. A simple but elegant solution.

Razer knows how to make top-notch peripherals and the perfect example is this remote. With exceptional ergonomics and an elegant design, playing your new or classic Xbox will be a unique experience. We regret that you had to wait until early 2021 to know our in-depth analysis of this new order from the famous firm. We guarantee that the reasons are justified and that the wait will be worth it. Be careful!

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