RC Grenades: Flying Grenades Tested by the US Army, Know about RC Grenades

The United States has completed field trials of flying grenades. This grenade can fly up to a distance of 20 km using its helicopter-shaped wings. Usually, soldiers remove the safety pin from the grenade and throw it by hand. After a few seconds, it explodes and causes great destruction around. Experts believe that this American grenade may change the geography of future wars.

This drone can fly up to 20 km
Four rotor blades are attached to the top of this grenade. When this grenade needs to be fired into the air, a soldier will have to hold it in his hand and wait for its rotors to spin. Once the rotor starts spinning at full speed, it can be controlled remotely by throwing it into the air. Apart from that, it can also be flown by throwing it into the air. If this grenade does not find its target, it can return to the exploded location, where it can be captured using a net and kept for future use.

The pomegranate is planted under the drone 40
On July 7, the U.S. Army tested this flying grenade during a training exercise at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The Flying Grenade is a modular Drone 40 quadcopter. The Drone 40 is tall, not as wide as the rest of its family. On the lower part of which the pomegranate is attached. The trigger of this grenade can also be controlled remotely. The US Army infantry unit at Camp Lejeune learned how to use this grenade.

How did the idea of ​​making Drone 40 Grenade come about?
The idea to build the Drone 40 came from a specific problem encountered by the Australian military. Defendtex, the company that made the Drone 40, explained the reason for this in 2019, saying Australian soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq had 1,600-foot precision rifles. While his enemy was usually seated at a distance of 2,500 to 3,000 feet. The Drone 40 grenade was designed to bridge this distance.

The price is not too high, the payload can also be changed
This grenade can be thrown from a location and thrown at enemies sitting far away. Enemies will have to deal heavy damage due to its explosion. This drone becomes a consumable weapon to destroy during an explosion, because its cost and cost are not very high either. The payload of Drone 40 can also be changed easily. It can replace the grenade with an ISR payload for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

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