re-infection of covid-19 in india: chances of re-infection of covid-19 in india during third wave of coronavirus

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Once infected with the corona, there is a risk of re-infection. UK Public Health England has released new data confirming no evidence of re-positive corona from the delta variant
Amid fears of a third wave of Corona, the UK Department of Health has given good news. Public Health England (PHE) released population surveillance data on coronavirus reinfection on Thursday. It has been claimed that the new data has shown that once the crown is infected, the risk of contracting the virus again is low. This data has been made public again to monitor those affected by corona and understand disease behavior.

The number of re-infected people is low
It has been claimed in this report that the number of people again under the influence of the corona virus is much lower. Since the start of the epidemic in England until May 30, 2021, 15,893 cases of corona reinfection have been found. During this, 40 lakh people were infected with the crown across England. The number of people who have been re-infected represents only 0.397% of the total infection.

Fear among people about re-infection
Dr Susan Hopkins, COVID-19 strategic director at Public Health England, said people are very concerned about whether you can get infected more than once from the corona. We also know that yes, people can be infected more than once. But, these data currently tell us that the rate of reinfection is very low. However, we are not happy with this.

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Symptoms not seen in the re-infected patient
It is important to follow guidelines both on vaccine dosage and at all times to reduce the risk of infection, he added. These data show the likelihood of re-infection from June 2020 to the end of May 2021. Despite this, we will continue to examine the effect of the vaccine and the severity of the disease on people who have been re-infected with the coronavirus. He also said that in most cases of re-infection, the patient has no symptoms.

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No evidence of reinfection with the Delta variant
Dr Hopkins said that we are trying to find the factor that again increases the risk of corona infection. He also stated that at present there is no such evidence from which we can state that the delta crown variant has a higher risk of being infected with the crown again than any other variant. Despite this, we are monitoring the whole situation.

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