Real estate companies plan to integrate 15% of ERTE employees from other sectors

Real estate companies plan to integrate 15% of ERTE employees from other sectors

According to experts, the real estate sector in our country could emerge strengthened from this crisis, caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This sector, unlike others, has the capacity to reactivate and create jobs more quickly. Currently, Real Estate employs 1.3 million workers.

Of course, the real estate sector is not immune to the vagaries of the economy and has suffered during these months the destruction of jobs, as well as the ERTES in many agencies, but the way out of the crisis n ‘will not affect all segments the same, nor to all geographies.

In this sense, a 15% increase in real estate workers is expected, coming from other sectors affected by ERTES, due to the economic crisis generated by the pandemic, according to data from the Real Estate Perception Barometer developed by Calidad Inmobiliaria (QRE) in this month of November. According to studies carried out by Infojobs and ESADE on the state of the labor market, the profession of real estate consultant is the 5 highest paid profession in the country.

This analysis highlights the need to train new job profiles reconverted from other sectors. For this reason, the sector is reinventing itself every day by providing agents, new digital platforms to offer online courses, webinar sessions, etc.

Quality Real Estate points out that during these last months of the year a decrease in real estate demand has been detected, as well as deposits, that is, the portfolio of properties available in agencies has decreased .

And on the other hand, it increases the difficulty of the agencies to generate leads, that is to say to finalize the purchase or the rental of the accommodation of the people who have contacted to request information.

Ignacio Castillo, CEO of Quality Real Estate, Calidad Inmobiliaria, assures that “this may be the right time to increase the training of people who are within the agency, through courses for newcomers, managers and administrators , in order to provide them with keys and tools enabling them to increase their productivity in 2021 ”.

The analysis has been prepared by Quality Real Estate, Calidad Inmobiliaria, the first quality label in the sector, formed by a group of professionals in the real estate sector from all over Spain, who seek to continuously improve their services, greater productivity, professionalization of the real estate sector and its revitalization.

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