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The Basics After the numerous controversies surrounding the facts of harassment and sexism on the set of “Angels of Reality TV”, NRJ 12 announced the deprogramming of its flagship show in favor of a new influencer series.

It’s descent into hell for The Angels of Reality TV. After controversy and calls for boycotts over harassment and sexism on the set of “Angels”, the broadcaster NRJ 12 announced the end of its emblematic program and its derivative “Les Vacances des Anges” at Le Parisien, according to a report.

The show’s audience would no longer be there as the show’s image was damaged by the allegations of former candidates and the recent attack on the mayor of the city of Saint-André on Réunion by the show’s participants.

“Les Anges” replaced by a series about an influencer agency

To replace its flagship reality TV show, NRJ 12 has signed a new program, which is also produced by “La Grosse Équipe”: a series about an influencer agency whose concept is pretty close to “Ten percent”, the big hit from France 2, seems to be the cast of actors is reportedly still ongoing and filming is slated to begin this summer.

The series with the working title “Followers” is scheduled to air in September.

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