reason for Anthony Blinken’s visit to India: US reaction to the Taliban meeting in China: know what the US said about the Taliban meeting in China

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, visiting India, broke his silence on China’s encounter with the Taliban. He also spoke with Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar about the growing power of the Taliban. In recent days, Taliban fighters have also stepped up attacks on the military following the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. One report even claimed that 90 percent of Afghan border crossings have been captured by the Taliban.

America said a positive step
Antony Blinken on Wednesday welcomed talks between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Taliban political leaders in Tianjin, calling the meeting positive. Speaking to CNN-News18, Blinken said everyone is interested in peaceful conflict resolution and any resulting form of government is truly representative and inclusive. So if China is working on those interests, if other countries are working on those interests, that’s a positive thing, he said.

Fierce conflict between Taliban and Afghan army in 20 provinces, Kandahar becomes battleground
No one in favor of the military takeover of Afghanistan
Blinken also acknowledged that no power, be it the United States, China, Russia, India or a country in Central Asia, favors a military takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban. He said that no one is interested in entering a permanent civil war in Afghanistan … everyone is interested in a peaceful resolution of the conflict and so a kind of government emerges that is truly representative and inclusive.

Chinese dragon tied bridge in praise of Taliban terrorists and put strict condition before “friendship”
Blinken meets with Indian leaders
The US Secretary of State arrived in India on the evening of July 27 for a two-day visit. During this period, he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. During the meeting, talks were held on many bilateral issues, including the regional situation between the United States and India, the strengthening of strategic ties between the two countries, the growing influence of the Taliban, the presence of China in the Indian Ocean.

Taliban regime arrives in Afghanistan, Russia has launched army in Tajikistan and sent tanks
Taliban leader meets with Chinese foreign minister
A nine-member Taliban delegation led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the head of the Taliban political committee, has arrived in China. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar on Wednesday and praised the terrorist group, describing it as a key military and political force in Afghanistan. At the same time, China has asked the Taliban to cut contact with all terrorist groups. China notably called not to cooperate with the extremist Muslim Uyghur Islamic Movement of East Turkestan Xinjiang.

Taliban called China a trusted friend, asked for help
During the talks, the Taliban described China as a trusted friend and assured that the group would not allow anyone to use Afghanistan’s territory. This is the first meeting between the Taliban and China since the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. The Taliban have taken control of much of the territory occupied by government forces, prompting China to fear the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a militant Uyghur group in its unstable province of Xinjiang, is infiltrating. through the Afghan border.

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