reason for Anthony Blinken’s visit to India: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to India meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi: US Secretary of State will visit India on July 27 and meet with Prime Minister Minister Modi on China

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is visiting India next week amid tensions with China in Ladakh. This is Blinken’s first visit to India as Minister of Foreign Affairs. During this meeting, Blinken will also meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Foreign Minister S Jaishankar. It is said that during his visit, the US Secretary of State will discuss bilateral, regional and global issues with Indian leaders.

The United States wants to strengthen its partnership with India
US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that in addition to his trip to New Delhi, Blinken will also visit Kuwait from July 26-29. Price said his upcoming visit reaffirms the United States’ commitment to strengthen the partnership and highlight cooperation on their common priorities.

Will there be talks with America over China?
On July 28 in New Delhi, Blinken will meet with Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the US spokesperson said. During it, a number of issues, including continued cooperation on efforts to address Kovid-19, the Indo-Pacific region, shared regional security interests, shared democratic values ​​and the crisis climate, will be discussed. It is believed that during this period there may also be a discussion between India and America regarding China’s increasingly aggressive policy.

China, irritated by the rise of India in the Indian Ocean, now provokes Madagascar after the Maldives
China increases military might in the South China Sea
The biggest threat to China is the presence of Taiwan, America and Japan in the South China Sea. This is the reason why the Chinese army is rapidly increasing its strategic strength in this area. Chinese Army General Xu Qiliang told the parliamentary session that the military should step up capacity building. The military must improve breakthroughs in combat methods and capabilities and lay a solid foundation for military modernization. This is the reason why in recent times the Chinese military has rapidly increased its aggression. Taiwan News has claimed based on recent photos from Google Earth that China has quickly upgraded two Chinese Air Force bases in Fujian Province, near Taiwan. According to several open source intelligence images (OSINT), China is rapidly upgrading its military bases from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Against India, China is rapidly modernizing its military and air bases from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. In recent days, many such reports have shown that China has built many new military bases near the Indian border, which may come in handy in times of war. India has a dispute with China regarding not only Ladakh but also Arunachal Pradesh.

Britain will always keep two warships stationed in Asia, China’s arrogance will manifest itself in the Indian Ocean
China builds naval base in Cambodia
Cambodia has ceded its naval base on a 99-year lease to Chinese company Tianjin, according to a Bloomberg report. This company will invest 3.8 billion dollars to develop this port. Under this agreement, the Chinese navy will be able to use this base for the next 40 years. The company is also working on a project to develop a nearby airport. It is believed that China can deploy its J-20 advanced fighter jets here. China has been investing heavily since 2017 with the intention of seizing Cambodia. At present, China has invested around $ 10 billion in Cambodia. A poor country like Cambodia has failed to repay such a huge sum. For this reason, he mortgaged the Reem naval base, obeying China. At the same time, China denies as before having acquired this port from Cambodia after being trapped in debt. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen constantly gives clarifications in view of the protest after the port cession to China. He said that China will build infrastructure only on this naval base. Hun Sen told the opening ceremony of a Chinese-owned theme park near the capital Phnom Penh that other countries may also apply for permission to board their ships, refuel. or even to conduct joint exercises with Cambodia in the port.

Salt on China’s burn! Prime Minister Modi initially ignored CCP’s 100th anniversary, now praises Vietnam after Dalai Lama
China modernizes its air base 200 km from Taiwan
Two days ago, the head of the US Army’s Indo-Pacific Command told the US Parliament that China could attack Taiwan at any time in the next 6 years. Meanwhile, China has also increased the number of its fighter jets over Taiwan. Chinese bombers, long-range fighters and surveillance planes infiltrate Taiwan’s borders almost daily. Meanwhile, the PLA is preparing to further modernize Longtian and Huan air bases. This air base is 200 kilometers from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei Magya. Hence any Chinese bomber can drop a bomb on Taipei in just 7 minutes after takeoff. This is the reason why Taiwan bought many missile defense systems from the United States. In addition, Taiwanese Air Force ships are now always ready to fly in greater numbers than ever before. Chang Yen-Ting, a retired Taiwan Air Force commander, said the modernization of the Chinese air base has really increased our concerns. The security preparations we made earlier, now they will have to be redone. We will now have to deploy a large number of missiles and radars to monitor Chinese planes flying from these bases.

Indian Navy wields war with Japan and South Korea under China’s nose
China strengthens from Ladakh to Arunachal
Amid the lingering tensions in Ladakh, China is continually strengthening its military presence in Tibet. The Chinese army has modernized the Shigaz air base (Xigaze airport), located less than 200 km from the Sikkim border, to establish a new military logistics center there. In addition, modernization works are underway to upgrade the ship’s parking, unloading and filling facilities at Lhasa Gongar Airport. This airbase is also close to the site of the 2017 Doklam dispute. A few days ago, open source intelligence detresfa_ quoted satellite photos as saying massive modernization work was underway at the PLA military base in Lhasa. , the capital of Tibet. It is China’s largest military base established in the Tibet region. Construction work on this base was first seen in April 2020, after which satellite images taken in January 2021 also reveal that construction work is still ongoing here. A few months ago, the Chinese army modernized the Shigaz air base (Xigaze airport), located less than 200 km from the Sikkim border, to install a new military logistics hub there. Experts believe that with the help of this air base, China can keep tabs on India and Bhutan. This air base is also close to the site of the 2017 Doklam dispute. Apart from all this, China is also modernizing the Chamdo Bangda air base located 130 km from the Arunachal Pradesh border.

Navy Airavat reaches under China’s noses, strong message from yoga in South China Sea
Chinese nuclear submarines on the move in the Indian Ocean
China is rapidly increasing its naval power in the Indian Ocean. He continues to explore the Indian Ocean near Africa under the pretext of being part of the international task force against pirates. Even last year, the Indian Navy chased away a Chinese research vessel that had infiltrated the Andaman Sea. Apart from that, Chinese nuclear submarines patrol from East Asia to the African continent. Along with Pakistan, China is also building a barricade against India in this area. Indeed, China has a military base in Djibouti, near the Gulf of Aden, one of the largest maritime trade routes in the world. Hence he makes new plots against India. The Pakistani and Chinese navies are also patrolling this area together. However, the Indian Navy is also aggressively challenging China in the Indian Ocean. According to sources, during the WMCC meeting between India and China regarding Ladakh, China also expressed its dissatisfaction on this matter from India.

China spies under India’s nose, finds path of killer submarines
China threatened America to stay within limits on Taiwan
China had also warned Joe Biden to stay within limits on Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday warned US administration Biden to quash former President Donald Trump’s dangerous practice of supporting Taiwan. He said China’s claim to Taiwan is an unsustainable red line. Although the United States has no official ties to the democratically elected government of Taiwan, it has openly supported the island nation in military and political matters. Trump also struck a deal with Taiwan for many multi-billion dollar dangerous missiles and fighter jets during his tenure. Trump had sent several senior cabinet officials to visit Taiwan, angering that China had flown over Taiwan on fighter jets. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said there was no room for compromise or concession before the Chinese government on the Taiwan issue. We urge the new US administration to fully understand the high sensitivity attached to the Taiwan issue. While Wang gave no indication of what China might do if the United States does not change its position, the ruling Communist Party has warned that if Taiwan officially declares independence or talks about joining the mainland, it will it was late, China could attack it.

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