reasons why Nationale-Nederlanden was awarded

Talent retention or company digitization: reasons why Nationale-Nederlanden has been awarded

Nationale-Nederlanden was awarded the Top Employers certification for the company’s efforts to improve the working environment for its employees, as well as for its commitment to developing innovative strategies and measures in the field of HR. Thus, Nationale-Nederlanden this year reached 18th place in the Top Employers 2021 ranking, establishing itself as one of the companies with the highest scores in the audit and evaluation phases of the organization, attesting to the advanced and mature human resources practices. level.

The inclusion of Nationale-Nederlanden in the 2021 Top Employers ranking in Spain was announced during the celebration of the Top Employers Spain and Portugal Gala, and is in addition to the certification that was announced on January 25 and which validates the company with the Top Employer certificate for the sixth consecutive year in Spain, being part of a total of 103 certified companies. An award which in turn also joins the continental certification of Top Employers Europe for the third consecutive time by obtaining the same regional certification in a total of eleven countries of the continent in which it operates: Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Spain, Greece , Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey and Japan. In short, a recognition that rewards and reflects the continuous effort of Nationale-Nederlanden to build a better working world and to implement internal policies that meet the highest standards.

The internal audit carried out by the Top Employers Institute confirms for another year that the company is moving in the right direction and that it stands out from Spanish companies by its policy aimed at improving the well-being of its employees in the workplace. job. Thus, the control surveys highlighted as particularly remarkable this year the areas related to commercial and human strategy, leadership, the digitization of human resources, commitment, values ​​and ethics and integrity. of the company. Regarding the aspects that make the difference between Nationale-Nederlanden and the rest of the Spanish companies and that make the company different and more advanced, the audit underlines as notable aspects the digitization, the employer brand, the acquisition of talents , rewards and recognition system and welfare policies. A set of evaluations that led Nationale-Nederlanden not only to receive the certificate, but to be included for the first time in the Top Employers 2021 ranking.

The three recognitions are in line with the company’s fundamental values: being clear, being committed and attentive to people; This reaffirms the conviction that the satisfaction of the people who are part of Nationale-Nederlanden translates, in turn, into the satisfaction of the customers themselves.

A difficult year successfully overcome

Note that Nationale-Nederlanden succeeded in meeting the great challenge that Covid-19 posed to companies and individuals, thanks to the digital transformation process started in 2015, its transformation into a 100% agile company in 2019 and, in general, to cultural mentality based on continuous transformation and “learning by doing”. This privileged location allowed all employees in the sales and central offices, including the Customer Service team, to be able to work remotely from home from the first moment in complete security and with access to systems, integrations, required applications and processes.

Added to this is the commitment to respect and protect diversity within their teams, an aspect in which this year was highlighted in audit, with particular emphasis on the aspect of work-life balance and flexibility. , retention of professional talents through a series of benefits included in the total compensation policy which summarizes all the benefits enjoyed by employees.

In this sense, a recognition plan was launched this year through which, through an app, the employees of the company can recognize the good work and efforts of their colleagues through a points system and, through which the winners will receive prizes in the form of advantages, donations and public and private institutional recognition. The recognition plan, which is part of Nationale-Nederlanden Espaa’s total reward policy, aims to create a continuous, tangible and real corporate culture of appreciation among employees.

International recognition

In order to enter the Top Employers 2021 ranking in Spain and obtain a double certification, Nationale-Nederlanden has proven its compliance with the standards of excellence of the Top Employers Institute, a world authority in the recognition of people’s practices. The Top Employers Institute’s global certification program has qualified and recognized over 1,600 Top Employers from 120 countries / regions on five continents.

In the words of Marije Scholma, Deputy Managing Director and Director of Employee Experience at Nationale-Nederlanden: “Obtaining the Regional and European Top Employer certification for the sixth and third consecutive year is already a source of pride, but to be included in the list of the 20 best companies with the best value in Spain is the greatest recognition of the efforts made to take care of what matters most and that for us are the people. Our human team is the foundation of the business and the most valuable element in delivering the best experience to our customers. This is why we are committed and work on a daily basis to also make their experience as employees in the company the best possible and that they can work in an environment of motivation and happiness. Thanks to our internal work methodology and the value we place on people, we have succeeded in achieving such a demanding level of excellence. “

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