Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Erdogan angry with former admirals of Turkish naval forces coup in Turkey

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Ergodan fears military coup in Turkey, wants ex-naval officers to break Kosemontriux Convention and complete Istanbul Canal project Erdognervar wrote to 103 admirals in protest, Erdogan said in an attempt coup d’etat
Turkey’s “dictator” president Rechap Tayyip Erdogan, who is trying to become leader of Islamic countries around the world, is surrounded in his own country. With every voice rising against his government, he also began to fear the coup in the country. This is the reason why it has been sharply criticized by navy officials who have criticized the Istanbul Canal project. In fact, a sea route is to be built through the Canal Istanbul project, which will connect the Black Sea from Istanbul to the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south.

103 admirals wrote a letter of protest
To protest the same plan, 103 retired Turkish Navy admirals last week signed an open letter criticizing the Istanbul Canal project, in response to which Turkish President Erdogan said the former Marines supported the Montreux Convention maritime agreement. approval of the coup. He said this midnight program is unacceptable in a country where a military coup has taken place. No retired soldier can interfere in political matters.

Erdogan did not consider this to be free speech
Erdogan didn’t stop there, threatening former navies serving the country, saying it had nothing to do with free speech. He added that if they were also admirals, they had no right to condemn our illustrious armed forces. Erdogan also appealed for support from those who oppose the project. He said his country would continue to support the Montreux Convention.

Erdogan wants to break the Montreux Convention
The Turkish President said that we know from history that the Montreux Convention is an important victory of its time. We will continue our commitment to this agreement. He said that linking the Istanbul Canal to this agreement was completely wrong. It is a project that will strengthen our security. 103 Turkish naval officers wrote a letter on Sunday urging the country to remain committed to the deal.

Erdogan protects Islam and nationalism
Erdogan also talks about religion and patriotism to distract people from real issues. Turkey’s economic situation has continued to deteriorate over the past few months. The value of its currency has reached an all time high. Unemployment and inflation figures in the country are setting new records every day. There was a rebellion in Turkey before, which Erdogan crushed with the force of the army. In such a situation, he tries to focus people’s attention on other issues with the help of those issues.

A coup has been carried out 4 times in Turkey
Four times since 1960, the military has toppled the Turkish government in the name of protecting Turkish democracy from chaos and Islamism. But each time, the military has made the system democratic in the country. In 1960, the government circumvented the strict rules established by the military, Islamic activities increased. Then, for the first time, the army chief Kamal Gurschel was overthrown. For the second time in 1970, as the country’s economic conditions worsened, under pressure from the military general, Prime Minister Suleman Dimerl resigned. The military did not take power, but continued to monitor the government until 1973.

Even after 1973, the situation in the country did not recover. Then the army took over all the work. In September 1980, there was a complete coup d’état in the country. In 1997, the army again forced Nekmetin Erbakan to resign. He was accused of upholding religious laws in the country. However, the military did not take power at that time. After that, politicians considered secular were given the opportunity to form the government.

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