Recep Tayyip Erdogan: President Erdogan’s bad days begin, after EU imposes tougher sanctions on Turkey – US sanctions Turkey for acquiring Russia’s S-400 missile system triumf , bad news for Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The bad days of Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan are now trying to become the new caliph of Muslim countries. After the European Union, the United States announced that it would soon impose strict sanctions against Turkey. The Turkish economy and its lire currency are already in a trough. In such a situation, the public may have to pay the price for Erdogan’s eccentricity. The United States is already furious at Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 defense system.

Turkey broke the rules by buying S-400 from Russia

The United States has said that Turkey broke the rules by purchasing the S-400 missile defense system from Russia. After which, it was decided to ban Turkey. Meanwhile, Turkey’s defense industry presidency and its leader Ismail Demir will be banned. Explain that it is through this institution that Turkey follows the work from the bench of arms purchases and their development. These US sanctions will cause enormous damage to the Turkish defense industry.

Turkey is outside the F-35 program

The United States has pulled out of its F-35 fighter jets program, opposing NATO member Turkey buying Russia’s anti-aircraft system. The United States had said the S-400 system was a threat to stealth fighters and could not be used with the NATO system. The United States has also warned to ban Turkey for this. Turkey said it bought the S-400 missile defense system from Russia after the United States refused to sell the American Patriot system.

Reconnaissance in Turkey of F-16 aircraft with S-400 radar

A few days ago, there were reports that the Turkish army activated the Russian S-400 defense system. The Turkish force uses the radar of this Russian defense system to detect F-16 fighter jets. Using this radar, it attempts to track F-16 ships from France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus involved in NATO’s Unumia military exercise.

Turkey also has American F-16s

Let us know that Turkey also has an F-16 fighter plane purchased from the United States. In which Turkey made some modifications according to its requirement and christened it F-16S. These days, relations between Turkey and America are not going well. Just for revenge, he uses Russian weapons against American weapons. The United States has already imposed numerous restrictions on Turkey, which has brought its economy to the brink of ruin.

Why is America afraid

The arms market in the United States is the news dollar. It is also said that the American arms lobby is so active that it can change the president even if he wants to. In such a situation, if it is proven that the Russian weapons are more advanced than the United States, then this lobby will suffer heavy losses. Most countries in the world have an F-16 fighter jet from the United States. In such a situation America would not want to face defeat at the hands of Russia.

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