Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Sensational claim by Turkish President Erdogan, Greek journalist to send terrorists from Syria to Kashmir – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to move Syrian militia units to Kashmir, Greek journalist says

Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan’s love for Pakistan is not hidden from anyone. Erdogan has also supported Pakistan on the Kashmir issue on several occasions since the United Nations Forum. Today, a well-known journalist in Greece revealed the bad intentions of the Turkish president in his report. Greek journalist Andreas Mountjaurouli claimed in his report that Erdogan was planning to send rebel militants to Syria to help Pakistan. To do this, the Turkish authorities also spoke with several terrorist groups.

Syrian National Army commander announced Turkey’s decision
In his article published on the Greek news site Pentapostagma, Andreas Mountjaurouli wrote that Muhammad Abu Imsa, commander of the Suleiman Shah brigades of the Syrian National Army militia, told his fellow militia members a few years ago days that Turkey from here some of its units in Kashmir Wants to deploy. The Suleiman Shah Brigades enjoy the open support of Turkey, which fully controls the district of Afrin in northern Syria.

Turkey will give $ 2,000 to terrorists going to Kashmir
Brigade Commander Suleiman Shah Abu Imsa also said Turkish officials were talking to other Syrian armed gangs. They ask the gang commanders to name the people who want to go to Kashmir. Abu Imsa said that $ 2,000 would also be given to terrorists traveling to Kashmir. The commander told his band that Kashmir is as mountainous as the Nargono Karabakh of Argonia.

Turkey also sent terrorists against Armenia
Turkey openly supported Azerbaijan in the battle with Armenia. Not only that, Turkey has also deployed its fighters from allied militant groups in Syria to fight in Qarabakh. This has been confirmed by French President Emmanuel Macro himself. These terrorists, known as the “killing machines”, also received a considerable sum to wage a war against the Christian country of Armenia in favor of the Muslim country, Azerbaijan.

Turkey supports Pakistan over Kashmir
The report notes that Turkish President Erdogan is trying to become the greatest leader in the Muslim world. President Erdogan is taking such steps to challenge Saudi Arabia’s dominance over the Islamic world. The journalist even wrote that Erdogan even threatens India over the Kashmir issue. He wrote that Turkey had long been engaged in aggressive preparations against Greece, Cyprus and Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea region.

Turkey and Pakistan want to seize land in neighboring countries
The Greek journalist claimed that Turkey and Pakistan want to plunder the lands of other countries by strengthening defense cooperation between them. Pakistani fighters had recently arrived in Turkey during the Mediterranean Shield maneuvers. President Erdogan wants to try to occupy the land of Greece with the help of Pakistan. That is why he is considering sending terrorist groups to help Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

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