Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Taliban warn Turkey against troops at Kabul airport

The Taliban have given Turkey one final warning to increase its presence in Afghanistan. Turkey will now take responsibility for Kabul airport after the departure of US-led coalition forces from Afghanistan. This is the reason why around 1,000 Turkish soldiers will still be stationed in Afghanistan. In this regard, the Taliban have said that Turkey’s decision is unfair. He also declared that there is a violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity and contrary to our national interests.

Erdogan wants to please America
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on July 9 that Turkey and the United States had agreed that the Kabul airport would remain under Turkish military control after the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. Erdogan has vowed to ensure security at Kabul airport after troops leave next month as part of an effort to improve relations with the United States.

The Taliban have already warned Turkey
The Taliban opposed Erdogan’s proposal, saying Turkey should also withdraw its troops in accordance with the 2020 deal. Also earlier, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen warned Turkey against withdrawing. of his strength. In a conversation with the BBC, Shaheen said Turkey will have to permanently withdraw its military under the agreement signed with the United States on February 29, 2020.

The Taliban “friends” of Pakistan dealt a heavy blow to Turkey and ordered it to leave Afghanistan
Why is Turkey so worried about the occupation of Kabul airport?
Turkey has a well-thought-out strategy behind operating the Kabul airport. Tensions between the United States and Turkey are at their height. The United States has also imposed several sanctions on Turkey’s defense industries. Turkey’s engagement in NATO has shrunk considerably due to its proximity to Russia. This is why President Erdogan is talking about taking over responsibility for this airport thousands of kilometers from his country. Apart from this, the airspace of Afghanistan is also an international air route. To capture him means to capture the skies of Asia and Europe.

What is the purpose of this announcement by America and NATO, “Will leave Afghanistan but not Kabul airport”?
What is the advantage for Turkey of the Kabul airport?
Central Asian airspace can be monitored through Kabul Airport. America can infiltrate through this airport to Iran, Russia and China. For this, the US Department of Defense had demanded a Pakistan air base in the Balochistan region. In return, the United States stood ready to restore economic aid to Pakistan. But, Imran Khan rejected this offer from America. After that America does not want to leave Kabul airport at any cost.

Why is Turkey so worried about the capture of Kabul airport? Erdogan reaches out to America
Is it a trick of Turkey to take Pakistan away?
Turkey is taking help from Pakistan and Hungary in operating the Kabul airport. However, the question arises as to why Turkey includes non-NATO Pakistan when it comes to NATO countries operating this airport. Erdogan’s love for Pakistan is clearly visible behind this. In fact, they are trying to get the Taliban through Pakistan. Together, Pakistan will have the power to monitor India’s operations in Kabul. He can also keep an eye on India’s air missions in Central Asia.

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