Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkey Greece Tension Latest News: Erdogan, the new “ messiah ” of Islamic countries, openly threatens Greece, says – don’t challenge me – Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos mitsotakis, says not to don’t challenge me

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Turkish President Erdogan openly threatens Greek Prime Minister, Erdogan said – Greek Prime Minister should not try to challenge me: Tension in the Middle Sea and tensions over gas fields continue in Turkey and Greece
Relations between Turkey and Greece on oil and gas in the Mediterranean are steadily deteriorating. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to fuel controversy by trying to become the new leader of Islamic countries. During his speech in the Turkish parliament, Erdogan threatened Greek Prime Minister Kyrikos Mitsotakis, saying: “Do not try to challenge me”. Let us tell you that the forces of Turkey and Greece have been face to face in the Mediterranean Sea for 4 months.

Erdogan says – all countries have left Greece
Erdogan told the Turkish parliament that all allies had abandoned and abandoned Greek Prime Minister Kyrikos Mitsotakis in disputes over maritime borders and gas in the Mediterranean Sea. He proposed a two-nation solution instead of a united Cyprus over the Turkish occupation of an area of ​​Cyprus. Let us know that Turkey has a long-standing border dispute with Cyprus and Greece.

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Threatened not to challenge
President Erdogan told the Grand National Assembly of Turkey that now Mitsotakis is challenging me, how could we meet you after challenging me in this way. You know your place better. Don’t challenge me if you want peace, know your limits. Otherwise, it means that you are putting your foot down at the negotiating table, that you are walking away from it.

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What is the dispute between Turkey and Greece
In fact, for the past few months, the Turkish marine oil exploration vessel Oruk Reis has been conducting research near the island of Kastelorizo, Greece. Greece claims the Turkish vessel is operating in its waters. Whereas Turkey has rejected Greece’s request as its own.

Oil-gas game: France under Turkey-Greece tension, conditions like war in the Mediterranean
France also deployed the Navy
France has also deployed its navy near the disputed territory to aid Greece against Turkey. Turkey is adamant about continuing off-shore drilling in the region, while France has made it clear that if Turkey begins such activity in the disputed area, it will not remain a silent bystander. The root of the dispute is three and a half trillion cubic meters (MTC) of gas in the Eastern Mediterranean region, with 2.3 MTC clearly in the economic interest area of ​​Egypt, Israel and Cyprus.

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