Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkish Erdogan and Chinese Xi discuss Uyghurs during phone call -Turkish Presidency: Erdogan discusses Uyghur issue with Xi Jinping

Turkish President Recep Tayer Erdogan, who dreams of becoming the new caliph of Islamic countries, spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping about Uyghur Muslims. In that phone conversation, Erdogan said Uyghur Muslims should live in peace as Chinese citizens. To avoid Jinping’s displeasure, he also said that Turkey respects China’s national sovereignty.

Erdogan also raised the issue and praised
Erdogan also discussed bilateral and regional issues with Jinping during a phone call, according to a statement from the Turkish president. Erdogan said it was important to Turkey that Uyghur Turks live in prosperity and peace as equal citizens of China, according to a statement from the Turkish presidential office. He also displayed Turkey’s respectful perspective on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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Erdogan tries to trap China
Erdogan told Xi Jinping that Turkey and China have high potential for trade and diplomatic ties. The two leaders had discussions on a range of areas, including energy, trade, transport and health. Let us tell you that Turkey is trying to get Pakistan and China to form an anti-Indian faction in Asia. These three countries forge close relations in the fields of defense, trade and diplomacy. This is the reason why Turkey decided to take over responsibility for Kabul airport after the American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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Uyghur Muslims Angry at Turkey-China Extradition Treaty
Last year, 40,000 Uyghurs living in Turkey protested after the two countries agreed to an extradition treaty. These Turkish-speaking Muslims have raised questions about Ankara’s foreign policy. After which the Turkish Foreign Minister clarified that this agreement is similar to what Turkey has done with other countries. He denied that the Uyghurs would be returned to China.

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China jailed a million Uyghurs
UN experts and human rights groups estimate that around one million Uyghur Muslims have been jailed in recent years in detention camps in China’s western Xinjiang region. It is mainly made up of Turkish-speaking Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. China initially denied the existence of these detention camps, but later said they were malls and were designed to counter extremism. China denies all allegations of mistreatment of Uyghur Muslims.

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