Reckitt Espaa obtains Baby Friendly recognition

Reckitt Espaa, in line with its commitment and its objective of “Putting people first”, has been recognized by the Baby Friendly Companies entity as an organization that supports and helps their teams when they have children.

Catalina Tezna, HRD Health Iberia, underlines that “ we are very proud of this recognition, but more importantly, it is the message for our teams with which we want not only to show our support but also to celebrate together this facet of their life. with family. We believe in diversity and inclusiveness in all its breadth, we believe in the talent, flexibility and freedom that we all need to be successful. With actions like this, we are confirming our convictions in a permanent concern of valuing our culture. ”

This initiative gives continuity to the projects carried out by Reckitt throughout these years in terms of policies, accompaniments, activities and webinars to support corporate parents. Now, with the signing of the Baby Friendly label, which recognizes it as an inclusive and united company, they will carry out more training sessions per year to support the education of their children, as well as help improve the situation in smartworking.

Laura Ojeda, Director of Human Resources at Reckitt Hygiene Iberia, stressed that “ being a baby-friendly business is linked to our goal of being a diverse and inclusive business, because by supporting families from different angles, we let’s facilitate the people who decide. work environment where they know they are supported, where they can find a good balance and where they feel satisfied to contribute to the best of themselves. ”

By actively listening and supporting its workers, Reckitt Espaa has improved services and support for all parents in the company, implementing additional measures, including:

– 26 weeks of maternity leave for mothers (10 more weeks compared to local legislation).

– Global webinars: ” Before birth ”, ” Return after discharge ”, ” How to reconcile personal and professional life ”, ” Managers with new parents in their teams ”.

– Birth gift: baby basket, lot of milk and a guide for the child’s neurological development.

– Reckitt New Moms Group: for new moms to come together and share their experiences and concerns.

– Mentoring: For more experienced mothers to offer guidance and parenting support.

– Educational experiences and online activities for children by the hand of Nannyfy

The Baby Friendly label identifies and promotes companies that respect a list of ten principles guaranteeing respect and support for employees in matters of paternity / maternity. Baby Friendly Business programs can be tailored to the preferences of each business and are intended to support employees and thus retain their talents and improve the overall productivity of human teams.

Recently, Reckitt Spain obtained, for the third consecutive year, the Top Employer Spain 2021 Certificate, which rewards the best companies in the world in terms of excellent working conditions for their employees. Thus, it consolidates itself as one of the leading companies in the whole country to work for, proving to be a benchmark in terms of commitment to people.

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