Recommendations for promoting and making telework profitable

The implementation of teleworking is part of the digital transformation processes of SMEs, even if not all of these organizations have been aware of it. Tackling a digital transformation plan to make it a profitable and agile competitor in this environment is a little easier to execute than it looks. In fact, the implementation of telecommuting solutions, with very tight deadlines, is a clear example that it can be done.

Beyond determining if we are facing a passing fad or if teleworking has come to stay, the Spanish ERP firm for SMEs has developed a comprehensive guide that includes some basic recommendations to ensure and make profitable these working models. and various useful tips to adapt it to the structure and dynamics of each organization.

The 2020 byDatis Telework Guide shows the long road that companies still have to travel to make telecommuting something more than a passing fad or an emergency solution to deal with the situation being forced, in this case, by the current health alert. In this sense, Datisase sees teleworking as one more element of the digital transformation that organizations have undertaken or are undertaking: approaching the teleworking process in isolation, without seizing the opportunity to improve all business processes through to technology would be a mistake.

Teleworking involves a far more profound change than it seems at first glance and, even keeping in mind all the risks and areas of the best, it represents a bet for the future for many sectors. In the Teleworking Guide 2020 prepared by Datais, there are 4 points to be taken into account in order to move forward with a secure implementation:

Paperless office. Eliminating document printing results in significant savings in space, money and time. While reducing the risk of error and improving data security. Value for money: It’s time to analyze and rethink office and personal property investments. Shift to digital culture For changes to be successful, not only where we do things, but also the “how” and “why” must be changed. Now is an ideal time to focus more on results. Reduction of the carbon footprint: society is more and more aware of this aspect and companies which contribute to the improvement of the environment earn points with consumers.

Unexpectedly, we clearly discovered a company, a consumer, and a client far more predisposed to the digital experience than you might think, to the economy of platforms and big tech companies accompanied by a logistics sector that gives them wings, indicating a path that seems to go back.

Therefore, approaching a digital transformation plan incorporating different telecommuting options, in one of their versions, will help make companies agile and profitable competitors in this environment, even beyond a specific and extreme situation like this one. in which we live. at the moment. FromDatisase insists that the technological tools exist and that thanks to the cloud and the flexible marketing and operating models, they are also available for small and medium businesses. These are accessible, mature and quickly deployable solutions.

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