record of holding breath underwater: Croatian diver breaks own record of holding breath underwater: Croatian diver breaks record for longest breath underwater

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The 54-year-old Croatian diver held his underwater record for 24 minutes 33 seconds, breaking his own record set three years ago.
A Croatian diver broke his own old record of holding the longest underwater breath. The 54-year-old diver held his breath underwater for 24 minutes 33 seconds and got his name re-listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The name of this diver is Budimir Buda Obote. What set this record in a swimming bridge in the town of Sisak, Croatia.

This diver broke his own record
Budimir Buda Obote recorded three years ago that he was in the water for 24 minutes. But this time he spent 33 more seconds underwater. Previously, a diver named Branko Petrovic had set an underwater breathing record in Dubai for 11 minutes 54 seconds. However, no swimmer was then allowed to take pure oxygen. This time Budimir Buda Obote took pure oxygen for about 30 minutes before making a record.

Increased power to stop breathing by taking pure oxygen
According to the report, during the making of this disc, there was a gathering of doctors, journalists and supporters of this diver. It is said that just before this record was set, Budimir Buda Obote consumed pure oxygen for a long time. This increased the level of oxygen in his body. This pre-existing oxygen in the body also worked while stopping breathing underwater.

Inspiration to make a record of a sick girl
After making the record, professional diver Budimir Buda Obot said his eldest daughter was 20 years old, named Sasa. He suffers from diseases such as cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy. This inspired the diver to break the record. Through this program, Obote also raised funds for the development of the area ravaged by the earthquake and the children suffering from it.

Will build houses shattered by the earthquake
He said that with the money he received during the program, he would also build a house for people with disabilities in Sisak-Moslavina County for the miracles of people with disabilities. The homes of these people were also devastated by the earthquake.

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