record unemployment in June, 167,000 fewer unemployed and 233,000 new jobs


The biggest drop in unemployment figures in Spain has been recorded since 1996

The Spanish labor market is reactivating: unemployment record in June, 167,000 fewer unemployed and 233,000 job creations

BY RRHHDigital, 09:38 – July 02, 2021

The arrival of summer and its consequent economic reactivation, the progress of vaccination and the fall in the incidence in Spain are allowing the Spanish labor market to recover little by little.

In June, there were 3,614,339 unemployed, 166,911 fewer than in May. This is the largest drop recorded in our country since 1996. Figures which represent 102,604 less unemployed compared to May, and 248,544 fewer unemployed compared to the same month of 2020 (-6.4 %)

The sectors have also improved their employment figures thanks to the reduction of restrictions in the country, which translates into an increase in the number of social security affiliates, surpassing the 19.5 million affiliates on average in June, 233,056 more contributors than the average for the month of May, which represents a percentage increase of 1.21%.

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